June 18, 2009

Quick Update

I'm so excited today! too many good things at the same time. =] there was a delivery attempt notification in my mailbox on tuesday afternoon. tried to pick it up yesterday after work but when i got there, the post office was already closed. so i'm crossing my fingers for the place to be open a little later today. not sure of the parcel's content, but i'm guessing this =]
Blair's red headband!!! no, i did not order a red Valentino bow headband. i wish i had 300$+ to shell out for a hair adornment, but my mom's lessons taught me how to wisely behave with money. =] so i got the closest version of it. i can't wait to show you.
me LOVE Blair

finally bought Nic Tse's trucker hat. 1 for me, 1 for my boyfriend =] it was sold out for a while, but they've been restocking i guess. i cannot waiiit to receive this!

[i'll try to drop by Chrome Hearts when i'll be in HK, i'll get his Fuck Hollywood camo hat if i can find it. i heard it's pretty limited so, we'll see]

Last, but certainly not least:
called my SA on Tuesday to ask if they had this in stock. she told me they had 1 pair left and it was on hold. that person had until yesterday to make up their mind to buy it or not. we were pretty much stressed out the whole time because the other option would've been to order a pair via the Toronto store. i dont know how long it would've taken for bb to get them. i'd just rather purchase from our own boutique here. anyways, i called them today for the verdict, sold or not sold? NOT SOLD! we were the next ones on the hold yay! we're gonna drop by the boutique tomorrow to pick them up. (if my bf likes the way they look on him, that is) i'm so happy. =D

fully booked weekend ahead, sunnies shopping tomorrow, Bb getting inked & haircut on saturday afternoon, friend's bday on saturday night, brunch on sunday. =) i am content.

laters xox

p.s. i found some random money in my denim skirt's pocket. SCOREEE!


Anonymous said...

hiya ^^ i posted it on my blog, basically just copy it off my blog and post it on yours and some directions are written there as well :)


J said...

hahahaha i love when i randomly find money in my pockets too!! yay!
i love blair too :) she's awesome!

Reena said...

omgg lv evidence! i love how it looks great on guys and girls =]

pinkiebella said...

omgggggg Blair's headbannd is here?! show me show me! hehe and guess what, maybe we're coming saturday nite for tonic too...not sure though, but Maya took a g-list for us just IN CASE. haha luv ur quick update!

Miss Queenie said...

myjuicyfruit: oh ok, i'll do that =D thanks again! xox

J: i probably forgot the money in my pocket some time ago. it probably went in the washing machine too haha. but yeahhh it's pleasant to find $ even though it was just 35$. hahaha blair is total hotness. she's too perfect.

Reena: i wanted to get the white ones to match with him, but then again, i'm not willing to spend that much on sunnies, especially when that money can almost be enough for a handbag! T_T"

Bella: ok ok, i'll show you this weekend =D yayyyy xox