June 25, 2009

One Crazy Weekend

BLEHHH i'm back with an update!!! =D i meant to blog on Tuesday night, but i had to pack for the beach (St-Jean Baptiste) so i had no time. after the beach and the late night chilling yesterday, i was completely K.O. so i couldn't blog either. today's it then! =]

Sunnies pix as promised!!! we went to pick them up last friday woohoo! these are my boyfriend's but i love them so so so much! he has a few pair of sunglasses, so i'll get to steal these whenever he doesn't use them, yay!
Louis Vuitton Evidence
they are so perfect, i love everything about them. we can't really see the gradient on the lens, but scroll down for pix of me wearing them taken with flash

subtle logo
subtle monogram
lightly engraved signature

here i am, in my bf's car trying them out even before we reached home
Maya & me just fooling around =D
hot nail colors!! me=pink maya=tiffany
met bella & simon at Julep. she had orange on!
(errr, my mom just scolded me for using the middle finger)
ice cream makes me happy =D
Maya and her trademark dance move haha
which attracted many elligible bachelors on the dance floor saturday LOL
us and our cool pose!
i (heart) them

Plans we had for saturday worked out fine. went to pick up our plane tickets for VN and booked tickets for Hong Kong as well. then my boyfriend went to get inked for the 1st time. i was supposed to do it with him, but his decision was made in a flash and i didn't have the time to think about what mine would look like. his hair appointment at SaSa followed.
here are pix of me wearing my Blair Waldorf inspired bow headband. dont you love it??? well i do. i absolutely adore this thing. it was beautifully made. i have no complains whatsoever. since i've worn it, i got nothing but compliments wherever i went. i love this headband even more than my Burberry ones. i just LOVE it!

want one like me? order here: astraea @ etsy.com

oohhh, here's Bb getting inked for the first time. ouch, he said it hurt like a mofo!
me: "bb, does it hurt bad?"
him: "well you can't even stand a paper cut..."
me: "what does that mean?"
him: "you will faint while getting your tattoo done"
me: T_T" damn
seeing all his facial expressions, i held his hand so tight, as if i was the one getting tattooed.
but in the end, it was all worth it. it came out beautifully. for the chinese illiterate, it says "LAM" which is his last name. he says all our kids will have to sport one like this, and so will our grand-kids etc etc...to honor family and carry this on for generations to come. it's a really meaningful tat for him. i picked it out =) "you own my skin" he told me. haha i love him silly
haircut, yay!

a tee i picked out for him
a tee he picked out for me =D both are from Zara

this pic is officially my favorite couple pic! i love Mr. Long Lam
in Td-1's car, going to Toto's Bday @ Tonic
Bella & Sim had to attend a wedding that evening but they miraculously snucked out and made it on time for the guestlist yay!
Td & Maya
Queenie & Long
our guys
the guys with bday boy ToTo!
camwhoring before ass shaking
ToTo, my bf's hockey teammate & my private Tennis instructor. i haven't started my lessons yet, still need to organize my hectic schedule and buy a racket. lol and HE needs to get organized!
kissy kissy
she was grabbing her boy's bum. what a naughty girl she is haha

they kinda look like brothers! except 1's Chinese & 1's Japanese lol
well it seems like the guys had tons of fun too
what an awesome night. we went to Julep after the clubs, ate some junk, ToTo came to meet us, we talked and laughed until the sun came up, literally. i got home at 5:30 am. K.O.ed

after sleeping for just a few hours, i had to be up and running yet again. me & Amy had a brunch with our long lost cousin G. it's been sooooooooooooo freaking long since i saw her. she grew taller and got thinner. her face is slowly becoming more ladylike, as opposed to before, which was more childish. my cousin is 10 years my junior, whenever i see her, i get kinda depressed, thinking about how much older than her i really am. damn, time sure flies. can't wait to get together again G!
her Mango smoothie next to my wimpy orange juice
ok no more, pictur taking, i'm digging in!!! Beauty's serves the BEST breakfast in town. no wonder there's always a 20-30 minutes line-up! totally worth it though.

RANDOM wondering of the day:
why the hell do girls carry so much in their handbags??? i've always wondered about this issue. i mean, ALL the ladies i know carry so much they dont even need to lift weight to define their muscles!!! my sister-in-law has EVERYTHING you can imagine. when i say EVERYTHING, i mean it. there's like a convenient store in her handbag, you name it she has it! garanteed! Bella & Maya are the same also, every time they ask me to hold their bags for them i wanna slit my wrists. it's so damn heavy, it feels like they're carrying bricks. when i ask them why they carry so much, they say: "well, it doesn't feel right when it's so light" ***sighhh*** lol

the only one who's like me is my little sister. me & her carry only essentials. and when i say essentials, i mean i will die without it. anything that's less important than that can sleep at home. curious to see whats inside our bags? well, we're revealing it right here, sit tight and dont blink, there isn't much to see...

Amy's Neverfull GM contains:
Pochette Wallet
Pochette Accessoires
(+makeup pouch which is not pictured)
LOL the interior looks kinda pitiful, but why carry more when you only need this?
her Pochette Accessoires is used as a tampon holder. LOL
my Burberry quilted bucket
contains these
Pochette Wallet
Mini Pochette Accessoires
MAC pochette
+ a fork that i used at lunch time hahaha
tamponsss hahahaha
mini pochette accessoires contains random but necessary stuff
so hilarious when i found the wrapped fork at the bottom of my bag. my sister's like: "aren't you contradicting yourself with this fork?" well no, it was necessary, i ate my lunch with it. hehe

what a loooong post, i hope i didn't bore you all.
thank you for reading and see ya later!!

edit: transformers tonight!!! can't wait!! =D


J said...

Transformers was SWEET! I have a girl-crush on Megan Fox ;))))
Those sunglasses look amazing on you! what if they looked better on you than your bf? hahahaha
the headband looks so cute, and definitely matches your style!
actually, i carry random stuff in my bag...i always have random pieces of paper, at least 3 lipglosses/chapsticks i throw in there, a book or two, my wallet, and just random random stuff! i always clean it out, but it always ends up like that T____T

Miss Queenie said...

J: i can't wait to watch transformers!!! what person doesnt have a crush on MFox? haha it would ne inhuman not to.
thanks!!! i wishhh they look better on me, but alas, that will never happen. =[
i love that headband to death. it's just too darn cute. and whats more exciting is the price i paid for it yay!!
then you fit in the description for the handbags ladies hehe. why carry BOOKS? it's so unhealthy for the bags..=[

Léa said...


Un petit mot pour te dire que j'aime beaucoup ton blog!

Au plaisir de te suivre!


Miss Queenie said...

Salut Lea, je suis contente que mon blog te plaise. =] a bientot! xox

ekimura said...

ohh what a long and fun post!
you look SUPER adorable with the headband! red suit really good with your black hair!! XD

I love your LV collections great taste and selections hehe :D you n your BF soooo CUTE!

Tiffany said...

I was SUPPOSE to watch transformers last time.. but my bf flopped on my cuz he had to get his new car.. plus he's going to Montreal today xD.. i would tell him to say hi to you if he knew he saw you LOL
I want him to go to the dessert place you posted up a while back.. the desserts look so good!

and your bf's tattoo looks horrendously painful O___o.. funny thing.. my last last name (plus my boyfriend's xD) is Lam too...ahahaha

Tiffany said...

ohhh.. and I have a tendency to carry a lot in my bag too.. cuz i'm afraid i'll forget something.. or i need to touch up. It's a good thing i started putting separate bags like you cuz everything is more organized and now i carry less xD
My bf told me that if i owned really expensive bags (like yours) I wouldn't put so much in my bag because i'll be afraid to ruin it =[

But since i usually carry $20 bags.. it doesn't really matter. Have you heard of the brand TNA? They made the largest bag i've ever seen.. and girls at my school put their entire life in it.. i swear.. This one girl put 4 binders, a sweater, a pencil case, make-up case, RUNNING SHOES, Gym clothes etc.. etc.. and she literally dragged her bag around the school... strange.

*Whew... long reply.. Have a nice day xD

Anonymous said...

675$ for those LV sunglasses eh? How many hours of work did you personally do to earn that money?

Miss Queenie said...

Tiff: woohoo, congrats to him for his 2010 Mazda!! it's totally worth it if its for his new car. teehee why didn't you come to Montreal with him??? we could've chilled and i would've brought you to Juliette & Chocolat =D

it kinda looks all simple and innocent, just a solid chinese character with no details in the design right? but argghhh he said it killed him. maybe it's also because it was his 1st tat. i dont know but i'm so scared to get one now. =[ i shall wait then haha chicken me. thats awesome that you and your bb share the same last name!! and Lam is a beautiful one, especially when it's not that common.

i think you have the same mentality as the women i described hhaha "what IF i needed it" or "i MIGHT use it". before i used to throw everything in my bag all together, then, one day, i had such a hard time finding the thing i wanted that it made me change from disorganized to super organized. =] it think its better this way. that girl with the TNA bag is CRAZY. she'll probably end up with back problems or something. >_<

you too have a wonderful day!

those dont belong to me, but to my BOYFRIEND. why did you go look up the price of the sunnies? because i did not post it (maybe you own the same ones)

ummm...i'll answer for my boyfriend ok? he'd be fucking pissed to see your comment but heck.
A. he won the lottery
B. he stole the money
C. it rained money in montreal
D. he got inheritance money
E. he actually works like everybody else

any of those could be good, let's just see if you're bright enough to figure out which one really is. =] i'll leave you with the benefit of the doubt.

g said...

aw toto is cute. no cute asians boys where i live.

Miss Queenie said...

G: dont worry, i've pretty much gathered the better looking ones. hehe jk jk but seriously, we're really lacking in that department here as well.