June 10, 2009

Nothing but Positiveness

Good evening dear readers! i would like to take a short moment to announce something very important to me. i never mentioned it before, but my sister-in-law (to-be) is pregnant with her 1st baby! she's at 5 months now, so the bundle of joy is due for October. =] which means i will become Aunty Queenie. Yay!!! i cant wait to spoil and shower the baby with gifts. this will be my first time being a "real" aunty. [my love for little Neuil Neuil Emy will remain the same though hihi] so Maggie (my sis-in-law) told me the sex of the baby, can you guess it??? =]

YAYYYYYYY!!! i can't wait to see him! ^_^

i feel so old, i'm turning 25 this year, which also means a quarter of a century and i'm gonna be an aunty. omg...so much shock all at once. =|

Friday night: me & baby went to Chenoys Delicatessen for some dinner. it's been a long time since we last came here. the simple reason is because we ALWAYS get lost and exit at the wrong place. we'd drive around until we find it and stay pissed until we finish ordering. by the time the food comes, our worries are long gone. this deli was introduced to us by a friend 1 or 2 years ago. it's been in business since 1936, can you believe it? incredible huh? the interior is super vintage, i kinda like the atmosphere. it's different. hosts and waiters are super old, i think they might've been working here since they were young. T_T" i like the food here, it tastes very good, but the portions seems like it was tailor made for dinosaurs. the plates are H U M O N G O! impossible to finish your plate, guaranteed.
Outfit for the evening:
Massimo Dutti printed blouse (my fave blouse ever)
Burberry super check headband
Zara black twill shorts
Mimosa red patent leather peep-toe wedges
1936...this place is olddd
On him:
Zara heather v-neck
Club Monaco twill vest
Energie Pharell jeans
i dont remember his shoes
(well, either his white Jack Purcells
or his Gucci loafers...)
i had a simple cheeseburger, which i was able to eat only 1/2. this looks like nothing, but is HUGE irl.
after picking up Bella and chilling at Orange Julep for a while, we decided to drop by Maya's place for some karaoke. it was about 11pm friday, we took the highway thinking it would take 5 minutes...but there was TRAFFIC!!! omg omg omg..bb was ready to kill someone and i was too. the reason for this mess? "Tour La Nuit" arghhh it's part of the Montreal Bike Fest (bike as in bicycle). OMGGGG kill me. almost all the regular streets were closed for some 15 000 - 20 000 bikers, so car drivers had to use the highway. it's not even a race...it's just for fun. ***dies*** i wonder if this ever happens in other cities, or is it only us suffering.

when we finally got to her place, seemed like nobody wanted to sing anymore. the mood was gone. us girls started to talk about plans for our respective futures and guys just fell asleep. we left her house around 4 in the morning. T_T"

had some Dim Sum with Maya & TD-1 the next morning. we weren't even a little bit tired. wow, my health amazes me sometimes. we all accompanied Maya for her hair trimming session at SaSa Salon.

at the end of the afternoon, we decided to drop by TD-1's brothers' restaurant to encourage them. they had just opened last week or so and we desperately wanted to try their food.
my 2 lovelies
Bb being all naughty
TD-1 & Sim
us girls. i dont know why i always ruin group pictures with weird poses and expressions. dont ask.
Appetizer 1: chef's special shrimp salad
Appetizer 2: sauteed calamari with teriyaki sauce
Appetizer 3: lightly fried salt & pepper Calamari (total yummy!)
Tom Yum soup
Shrimp & Chicken Pad Thai (i love love love Pad Thai)
General Tao chicken, delish as well
i really like the interior, simple yet elegant. 
after the meal, posing timeee =]
B & Shannon (TD's adorable niece)
fooling around again
he does this face every now and then haha
Shannon didnt wanna take pix with anyone except B
ils sont trop vedge les 2
this little lady here seems to HATE being a girlie girl. she hates it when people call her cute, pretty, beautiful, princess etc. she loves it when we call her tomboy though... can you guess who turned her into one??? (psttt....it starts with T)
Sim trying to imitate lil miss Shannon
haha he ALWAYS wants to take pix with us girls!
Single Ladies pose! hehe
you should definitely come and try La Perle Noire. great atmosphere, awesome service and DELICIOUS food. here's the complete adress:
Restaurant La Perle Noire
(Vietnamese & Thai fine cuisine)
4190 Grande-Allee, Greenfield Park
J4V 3N2 phone# 450-469-9899
such a cute picture! i'm an awesome (AMATEUR) photographer

gangster pose!

i changed clothes before going to the old port. had to dress more comfortably. so i wore:
WildFox Couture "i love boys" tee
Great China Wall pink hoodie
TR Sammy jeans
fobby trucker hat
teehee =D
the crazy quadricycle racers =]
Sim at the "pit stop", in other word, vending machine spot hahaha
KL looking mad crazy
the other chickas =]
well, we did a lot of exercise with those quadricycle, time for a treat =]
we double the calories we burned at La Cremiere. how sad
can't wait for her frozen yogurt!
more funny faces from KL [sim looks like he doesnt give a damn haha]
take 1
take 2
take 3...a little better, but still too blurry...thanks SIM! >_<"

Recent cute buys:
Mini vanity table from Amy. it's too cute this thing, she knows i can't fit a life sized one, so she got me this cutie. i love it
thanks hun!
Annick Goutal Eau d'Hadrien perfume set
i love how girlie the bottle looks
Anna Sui Whitening mask, emulsion & intensive serum

a bunch of Nuxe things
Clarins Gommage
adorable packaging isnt it?
these smell extremely good =]
colorful eyeshadows yay!

got all of those at the Clarins head office sale. everything was less than 1/2 price so i indulged =] teehee. bought a bunch of skin care & cologne for bb too. i'm too happy with the purchases!

laterssss readers =]


Anonymous said...

All that food looks so yummy...you also have beautiful hands and nails!

Miss Queenie said...

Anonymous: yesss the food was delish indeed =]. i've heard nails before but never hands. thank you

miemiemie said...

love love the mini vanity table! and the anna sui stuff,so pretty!:)