June 30, 2009

i'm ALIVE not DEAD

yesterday i got home to a failed delivery notice! yay, something's here for me, i couldn't wait so had to go get the package today!!! the parcel is from HK. since i have short term memory and cannot remember anything..i had no clue what the package contained. the feeling of opening a box which contains something for you is so awesome haha, it feels like my bday.
what is it inside???
YAY!!! my Alive not Dead hat arrived!!!
oh wait what??? i ordered TWO of these...how come only one came? arghh...they must've made a mistake or something. after taking these pix, i emailed customer service right away. i hope it's gonna be smooth. it took around 10 days for my package to come...means i have to wait another 10 days to get my second hat? T_T" must...be....patient.... me & bb wanted to match >_<"
well other than that, the hat is freaken awesome. its the fobby shape and fit that i like so much teehee =D and Nicholas Tse owns the same one, so....happy 1000000000000000x!

my handsome Nic!

took this pic yesterday night before going to dinner with my family (family mondays remember?). just proof that my camera is not dead =] changed the memory card and everything went back to normal yay!! =]

laters xox


myjuicyfruit said...

ohhh where did u order that? its gorgeous! me <3 it!

Miss Queenie said...

juicy: i bought it at the alivenotdead online store...here's the link: http://www.alivenotdead.com/store.html# thanks =D

twinsouls888 said...

you & your boyfriend are a beautiful couple ^_^ .

Miss Queenie said...

TS: why thank you! =]