June 30, 2009

Fun & Sun

went to the beach last wednesday as it was St-Jean. no not that one in the picture, i wish i was there though (Maldives). it was planned 2 weeks in advance by mighty Sim and i would have to say it turned out to be quite successful. other than the fact that the WHOLE ASIAN community and clubbing crowd was there, everything else was just awesome! Bravo Sim for your coordination and planning. *thumbs up*

picked this out the night before:
2008 Ed Hardy "Love Kills" monokini
black Zara bermuda
we were one of the first few groups who arrived right at 9:00. i'm glad we came early because as the hours passed, the whole place was PACKED with people, and st-zotique ain't thay big too!
yup yup i was helping out too =D
yum pogos!
Maya & Steph
Bella, Me & Dada
steph, maya & bella
Miss Maya & Miss Queenie
cutie Neuil Neuil wearing the swimsuit i gave her.
i designed the seahorse pattern =]
she's sleepy awww
just chillin'
cutie bella =]
Miss Bella & Miss Queenie
so fobby with our ^_^v
such a cute pic!!
we are really damn pale hehe
their legs are so shiny
steph playing in the sand, Emy & Sim

i havent taken that many pix that day, i was more preoccupied with having fun. when i decided to take some, my memory card died on me (do not worry, i've bought another one so i can continue to bombard my blog with pix haha). i was soooo pissed. the day didn't start well already as i've forgotten my sunnies at home. arghh. anyways, a lot of pictures were taken from Steph & Dada's facebook albums. some pix at the beginning were from my cam. didn't have the chance to take any pix with the guys, except Sim. lol next time next time.

change of subject...
for some reason i woke up REALLY early on saturday morning...like 7:00am early. i couldnt go back to sleep, so i decided to watch a movie. ended up watching My Baby & Me. O M G the baby in that movie is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE!!! his name is Manson Mun and apparently, he's a Korean/Canadian mix. cute!!! watch the movie, it's really good. i loved it.

serious poser and he knows how to act too!!! love Mason
look at that angel face...awwwwwww

laters readers xox


miemiemie said...

ahaha i've watched that movie last year and i loved it! :)

ooh looks like you guys had fun..but i hate the beach haha

Tiffany said...

I watched part of that movie too xD

Babies only look cute at that age.. .then they turn evil =[

I haven't even gone to the beach yet! It's been raining a lot in T.O. It rained during my cousin's outdoor wedding! ahahaha X_X

Emily said...

hi queenie! i found your blog from soompi...love it!! and i think your style is so hip and fun!

i was at the beach on SJB too! :) i went to pte. calumet. not as bad on the asian crowd haha! i finally got to wear my new aqua di lara bikini ^.^ your ed hardy rocks btw!

keep those posts coming! your blog is addictive hiihi!

btw i think i saw your sister at rockland with her bf- superhot couple!! i recognized them from your family mondays post and her bag from your last post. i`m such a geek! hahaha

<3 E

Miss Queenie said...

mie: i didnt even know it existed before. anyways, i loved it so much!! =D yeah we had fun at the beach, but i dont like it that much either. i dont like tans T_T" hahah

Tiff: how come you only watched parts of it? you didnt finish it??? whyyy?? it was awesome! haha have you had any bad experiences with babies?

the weather's been ugly here too! like always cloudy, sometimes rain. it doesnt even feel like summer in montreal =[ so sad.

Emily: hiiiii!!! glad you like my blog =D dont forget to check back from time to time, i try really hard to keep it up to date. =]

we should've gone to another beach..it was so crowded!! oohhh aqua di lara, i like i like! my friend models for them (runway and website). their designs are unique and very sexy.

is my blog really addictive? there isnt anything special though...hahaha but it's good that you think so. at least, it means somebody's reading it. hehe

are you serious? you can recognize people you've seen only in pictures? thats awesome. if you see me running around town, dont forget to say hi! =D