June 16, 2009

Family Mondays

so my parents close their restaurant on Mondays, leaving us only 1 day of the week where we can spend quality time together over dinner. we try to diversify by changing restaurants every other week so the food doesnt become a routine. this week, we picked The Keg in the Old Port. here are some pix of last monday:

bb playing with his phone
Daddy [he's such a clown, i love him!]
me & my mami 
[she's the toughest but sweetest woman on the face of the Earth]
Amy & Charles
Bb & Daddy [lol at his shirt]
i was so surprised when my dish came. the BBQ chicken was in the shape of a heart! how lovely!
i was still so excited about the heart that i didn't dare touch it after i finished the ribs!
i gave in finally hahaha but i tried to carve it as to not destroy the cute thing. i couldnt finish the dish, so the heart was still there in the end, just smaller in size hehe

the whole family took a walk in the Old Port. it was a Monday, so the usually jam packed place was nearly empty. which did not really matter to us. we still enjoyed it. =]
mommy & daddy [my heroes, my role models]
Amy & Charles being all crazy
Bb & Me =]
i dont know what the TFD truck was there for, but it's been there for a while now. the firemen just stood in front of their truck chatting to one another. i hurried bb to climb so i could take a pic! haha

totally random, but here are some new pix of my baby Tatsu:
chilling with my mom
i love this picture of my mom, she's so pretty smiling like that
my daddy and Tatsu
my cutie baby

my boyfriend picked up a collar & leash set from Juicy Couture for our little Tatsu. it's silver metallic leather. the collar has a big bow with heart charms. kinda girlie, but to think of it, men also wear bow ties, so it's fine. it's so adorable.
my cuties! =]

laters readers


KohLepe said...

Awww!! Queenie - your puppy is soo flipping cute hun =) And your mom and dad are adorable!! They look super young and I love of your dad with the hoodie on. I can totally roll with him hehe.

How is the weather? Is it warming up yet? When are you leaving for your trip?


miemiemie said...

aww you guys look so happy :)

Miss Queenie said...

KL: thanks for the compliments!! my parents are not as young as they look though. hehe oh the weather got so much better...it's 29C today. it's basically summer yay!! my trip to Asia is in September, still a few months to go before that. i can't wait

Mie: we areeee thank you! =D

Anonymous said...

such a cute yorkie i want one! I nominated u for a blog award :)


Miss Queenie said...

myjuicyfruit: if you want a yorkie, get one! =] they are pure love i tell you. i love yorkies.

wow wait what?? a blog award? thats a first for me. thank youuuu ^_^

msmymy said...

i've been a subscriber for a while but never commented i dont think.. so thought i'd drop by and say hi!

tatsu is soooo adorable and your parents r sooo cute! and so are u and your bf! have a great week babe!