June 19, 2009

AWARD + Skin Secret revealed

This week has been so positive in every way possible.  received my first blog award ever, thanks to dear MYJUICYFRUIT =] this really took me by surprise as i never would've thought this kind of thing even existed.

ok so here goes, this is my first time posting awards ever, i dont know if i'm doing it right. if there's a mistake, someone please kindly show me how to do it the proper way k? =]

The Rules!:
1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her blog link.
2. Pass the award to other blogs that you've newly discovered.
Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award
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Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
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List 7 things that you love, and then pass the award to 7 bloggers that your love

here are my loves:
1. my sweet boyfriend Long Lam
2. my loving Family
3. my little yorkie Tatsu lam
4. my dear friends
5. shoes
6. handbags
7. fashion

And i nominate:

Tiffany: Tiffany
HearOfPearl: heartofpearl

HeartOfPearl: heartofpearl

YAY!!! cheers to the lady bloggers out there!!! =]

Wheeewww...that took a lot more time than i thought! here goes my real post:

i've been very blessed with nice skin and intend to keep it nice until as long as i can ( i wish forever was an option). so i *try* to stick to a routine i find works best for me. i clean my face morning and night with Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Wash even though i dont have pimples (well, except one will pop up at that time of the month). i then Moisturize with Nuxe Fluide Prodigieux Anti-Brillance to balance out my oily/combination skin. i would exfoliate, do a mask and use nose strips only once a week (Thursdays) in fear of damaging my skin. at 24 years old, i kind of want to dab a little in the anti-aging products but always end up refraining myself because i'm scared my skin would be addicted to those products and if for some reason i decide to stop, i would instantly look like an "Age D'or" saggy lady. haha anyways, enough words, on with the pix:
SUPER gentle mask, i love this thing
i also like this. it cleans as much as St-Ives abricot scrub except it's a 1000x more gentle
Nose strips!
Miss Queenie under a mask! =D sorry for the stupid facial expression..
ohh i'm wearing a souvenir tee from Puerto Rico, TD-1 brought it back for me last year. hehe
Nose Strip time!!! i look so freaking weird with this thing on...lol
WATCH OUT for the next pic, VERY VERY GRAPHIC!!!
Scroll to skip it if you have a faint heart, it may gross you out yuck!! haha


after the Nuxe Fluide Prodigieux Anti-Brillance. it really "mattefies" my skin like a miracle! without the eye makeup, i think i look sick and weak and really pale... -___-" and my eyes are damn small. lol my skin color may not be acurate, this was taken in my room under my "spotlight" lighting.

well, since i'm on a roll with makeupless face, here goes another one. was taken last Thursday: 

Gahhhh my nails grew out so much in the last month, i think it has to do with OPI nail care i've been using. they've been growing faster and are stronger. they always used to chip or break and i would never be able to keep them that long. 
T_T" nails are TOO long, it was annoying to even type.
so i trimmed them =D, last week's Essie "Bermuda Shorts" lacquer. this week is Inglot bright pink polish. i'm wearing a new color every week.

Oohs and Aahs, here comes the package! i'll try to post a few pix with me wearing it in the next post. 
a little box from California =]
and it contains...

Bilboquet Gourmet Ice cream re-stocking in my fridge yay!
when this much of your clothe is in the laundry basket, that pretty much screams LAUNDRY TIME! no wonder i've been having such a hard time trying to find an outfit in the morning. i hate doing laundry arghhh....that's why i let it pile up until i barely have anything left hanging in my closet... >_<"

mini update: the Boyfriend picked up his Evidence sunglasses yesterday. they are the most awesomest sunnies ever....like EVERRRR. i wanna steal them from him! pictures in my next post. my SA showed me 3 handbags that she thought would fit me well, well they fit me alright..argh. i fell in love with a Mono piece... =| i've always been skeptical about Mono, why dont they make EVERYTHING in damier??? that would be the ultimate dream come true. the other 2 was in Vernis...gahhh...luckily i'm not crazy and have not bought anything yet. but i've been thinking about that mono bag since yesterday...*sighhhh* i dont wanna rape my wallet during this kind of economy... what am i to do?

i guess that's all for today 

(i've been spoiling you guys huh? 3 posts in one week??? thats a first)


miemiemie said...

oooh thanks for nominating me dear. thanks so much :)

your essie nails look pretty. :)

Tiffany said...

thanks for nominating me! =)
and omg.. the nosestrips! it's either me... or that xD.. it never seems to work for me =\
oh.. you must post your entire LV collection LOL.. i'm so in love with your neverfull one.. my goal is to get one before i'm 25 ahahaha :) and did you end up getting that cherry colored LV bag.. the one you saw in the jap magazine. I don't think you posted about that one xD

ekimura said...

Hi sweetie~!!

I heart your blog!! thank you so much for the award you are too sweet! I love your face its sooo KAWAII! ^0^

Reena said...

my mom tells me strips make pores bigger? i really want to use them but im scared my blackheads/pores will get bigger >.< have you experienced anything like that?

i wish they made everything in damier as well!! i really want a galleria, im patiently waiting for it to release someday lol

i recently got my damier speedy!! i'm in loveee with it <3

Miss Queenie said...

mie: no need to thank me. you deserved the spot =D yay! i [heart] essie nail polishes! they're just awesome.

Tiff: no problem for the award nomination! =] umm...well for the nosestrips, if it doesnt work for you, maybe it means your skin is so clean you dont have any black heads? i will never post my bags collection because the haters will find their way back here and bash me =[ haha the vernis Wilshire Boulevard, i'm sitll on the waiting list for it, along with the Heart Coin Purse. when i was at their store on friday, my SA told me not to get the Wilshire for many many reasons, 1. it's tiny, she knows i like big roomy bags 2. the top is completely open, so not a very safe bag for any event 3. vernis is harder to take care of. so i dont know if i want it anymore. i love the color and all but it just doesn't seem to be a very convenient bag. *shrugs*

eki: no worries for the awards!! you totally rock! =D umm lets not talk about kawaii shall we? because everyone knows nobody can be as kawaii as EKI!! hehehe

Reena: well, i've been using the nosestrips for a while now and i haven't noticed a difference concerning the size of my pores. maybe it just depends on who? i dont know. i am really no expert. haha

yeah Damier rules!!! you wan the Galliera in Damier? me too me too! i love the Galleria, but a few people around me have it so...congrats of getting your Damier Speedy. i've had mine for some time but i still love it like the day i first got it! =D

Reena said...

lol im just patiently waiting for the gallieria in damier to be released XD i really like to monogram but i hate how the leather turns into vachetta or patina whatever its called haha

i went to get the heart coin purse today in rose pop but the SA told me its a once shot deal around valentines? =[ so i just got the red one, atleast it matches my speedy haha <3

oh btw why is vernis hard to take care of?

Miss Queenie said...

yeah, new colors for Heart Coin purse come out a little before valentine, but my SA told me there's a freaking long waiting list for it because they dont get that many. especially in coveted colors like Rose Pop.

vernis is hard to take care of because it scratches REALLY easily. you have to be extra careful when carrying vernis. it get stained easily too and really hard to clean. also the sun might affect the coloring of the bag. so....=[ even though it looks damn hot, well it's a pain to own vernis.

christine said...

hi queenie ! im such a big fan of your blog ^^ i always follow it ! <3 but i have a question , for your nuxe products what do u use to moisturize and leave on ? because i can't find the nuxe fluide prodigieux ,i have combination skin also and i have yet found a moisturizer that works for me ) : but i found the mask that u have the picture of >< . i love ur skin btw !