May 14, 2009

Sister Bonding Time

Me & my little sister used to be UBER close, dont get me wrong, we still are. it's just that we dont see each other that much anymore even though we live in the same house. we were born the same date 4 years and half an hour apart, that kinda makes us "half-twins" no? we dress alike, act alike, talk alike. everything we did, we used to do it together. she's like my partner in crime in every situation or scheme imaginable. we were always together, even when i went to the movies or shopping with my boyfriend, we'd bring her along in fear she'd get bored at home alone. since she entered college and got a boyfriend, her schedule changed a little, she had to readapt to a new way of living. which means, i, myself had to as well. i wasnt used to not see her around and worried when she doesnt answer my calls. my boyfriend often tells me "you gotta let go of her hand so she can grow on her own, your sister's becoming her own woman now, let her be". as sad as i was every time i heard him remind me that reality, i had to give her some personal space. so every now and then, when time and our schedules allow us, we'd do something together. since the opportunities for the both of us to be free at the same time is very rare, we enjoy each other's company so much more than before.

On beautiful Sunday morning, having breakfast at Juliette & Chocolat
"Aimez le chocolat a fond, sans complexe ni fausse honte,
car rappelez-vous: sans un grain de folie, il n'est point d'homme raisonnable."

pardon the gangster pose, i just woke up and didnt fully have control over my limbs and muscles yet
galette au sarasin before
galette au sarasin after
my dorky little sister
showing off our manicures teeheeee
brains slowly switching on

my little PM (peace master)
she's such a poser

done eating, now out and about

Paparazzi Style

Last Sunday was Mother's Day, so me & Amy went to Rockland Centre to get my mom a mega flower bouquet from our favorite Florist.
gotta fill our bellies first though, we had Korean fast food
at Via Vivoli for some Godiva Chocolate
beautiful bouquet huh? =]
pretty flowers and yummy chocolate, what woman doesnt enjoy these?
our florist is Lulu Thia flower bar

later that day:
this is what we did when mommy wasnt looking!
empty spots! haha

my cutie bf who wasnt even supposed to come, but came and bought a little something for mommy as well. we sure know she loves premium chocolate!

mommy got me new aviators! i love her
it matches my watch =]
Antik Denim "Lenny" mini

i had 3, but lost 2. maybe me and Burberry are cursed. i keep losing stuff and having to buy new ones. what a waste of money. =[
cutesie Killah pochette in black lace

just got this Nuxe product yesterday. i tried it this morning and LOVE it. it keeps my face hydrate and keeps the shine awayyy.

Good Night readers!


J said...

aww! I wish I was that close with my sister, but we are very different people :/
Food looks deliciousssss

Anonymous said...

I really like your manicures, where do you get them done?

Miss Queenie said...

J: aww that sucks! if you guys try hard, then i'm sure everything will work out fine. =] yeah the food was yummmmy.

Anonymous: i used to go to my mom's friend's nail salon, but it's hecka far, so i changed for a new one. the one i go now is in Centre Eaton, in that passage next to Yves Rocher. =]

It's just me.. said...

aww that is awesome that you got some time to spend with your sister. Both of you look gorgeous! :)
I miss my sister now!

and i love your killah pochette! it's very sexy hehe :]

Belle Du Jour said...

loving your blog. come stop by mine and check it out, hope to see you around soon!
x belle