May 22, 2009

Major Blabbing & Randomness

Good morning readers! just a small update about myself...i've been sick for the last 2 weeks or so, i didnt have a cold nor a flu, just really hardcore badass coughing. in case you cared, i went to the doctor and got antibiotics + cough syrup. i called in sick this morning as i wasnt feeling all that awesome, headache's kicking in. besides that, if i follow my doctor's order, i'll be up and running in just a few days. looks like i'm not as strong as i thought i was and the month long overtime surely did not help my case. problem comes the real entry

i've always wondered why people would do this kinda thing to their car.
dont see well enough??? please move on to the next picture
i mean, wtf was he thinking, this dude??? why would you do such horrible things to your already not that awesome car. whats this, an Accord Coupe 2002 or so? the fact that this car is already 7 years old (if not older) was not enough for the owner it seems, it had to be eye catching red and he HAD to add some crappy homemade mods to it. how distasteful. your car is old and ugly, dont make people turn their head and get some neck pains because of it. if however the mods were done professionally or at least look so, i'd have no problem...i mean i dont care. but puh-lease do not pollute our if the smog was not enough to intoxicate us all. spare us from the ugliness.
My friend Sim, however, has got a more refined taste for his ride. he goes after much more subtle touches and his car actually performs! can you see the clear difference between the 2? please say you do. if not, i will go kill myself (i know, i'm pretty extreme nowadays)

wow, since i'm on a roll for things that piss me off, here are some more:
when i go to work, to get to highway 40, i always take small residential streets to avoid traffic. at least 2 days of the week, i get caught behind this effing huge trash monster. i dont know what the city's thinking? why in the world would they do this in the morning??? i mean, do they freaking think everyone is on BS? like HELLOOOOO, people need to get to work, dont freaking block our way! they used to do this at night..but i have no idea why they changed it to mornings. thats not logic at all. argghhhh makes me mad just thinking about it. and the worst thing is, when they have enough space to pull over to let us cars pass, they DONT. i dont know why, they're maybe pissed about their jobs or something!!!
oooohhh, getting to my favorite part! LAVAL POLICE! i see this every other mornings. it's something i see on a regular basis, and heck i've already been pulled over near this spot. there are always some jackass LP around my exit...well all around Laval i suppose. this is how they make money over citizens to build their freaking city. bunch of crack heads. they arrest people to get to their quota of the day. how great. and you can't get away with batting your eyelashes at them because they're old and snotty. what a pain in the bum. 

on to the nicer things now =]
Light Ultra Club with my hunnies:
my cutie bb. so handsome in a jacket
dashing, the way i like it
i love you little monster! =]
Max, Bb & Sim
Sim & Bella
Bb & Me
(whoa look like b wasnt ready for the shot haha)
S & Max
TD-1 & Maya
Q.D.T & Bb
supposed to be a girls only pic

Now to some really random stuff, hope it entertains you all. hehe
some days, i can really dress up for no reason...and other days, i'd be more casual. but my casual will always have a twist. here's a pretty simple outfit: v-neck sweater & denim mini skirt. but i wore that with big pearls, a punchy pink oversized flower headband, curled my hair and added Delman off white patent leather sling-backs to the mix.

ohhh i found something else that makes me go insane. no matter how fitting my prescription glasses/sunglasses are on me, they will always look better on my boyfriend!!! arghhh whyyyy??? i guess my wide and flat face has something to do with it...
see how fitting it is to his structured face??? T_T" and he looks like Nicholas Tse with those on. so i can't even bring myself to be pissed at him! =[
my lover of 10 years, Nic Tse! =]
so freaking handsome this guy!

New Pictures of my little baby boy Tatsu:
Tatsu in my dad's Cohiba cigar box
Tatsu guarding my daddy's Cohibas Eplendidos
Tatsu & daddy's Limited Edition GM Cordon Rouge

More Randomness
recently addicted to pretty nail lacquers =]
nail candy =] OPI Pink-ing of you & Essie Mademoiselle was bought at a Nail Salon at Rockland Centre for 10$ each, which are regular prices. Essie Chastity & Bermuda Shorts, 2 for 7$ and the OPI treatment & base/top coat for free =] oh the joys of having good contacts.

i'm a new Essie Polish addict. i loveeee Essie, i wanna get every single color of their collection. so much easier to apply than the thick OPIs. i might not be pro or anything, but i've tried many lacquers and this one is my winner. 

my growing polish collection teeheee =D

since i had a poopie start for this entry, i'll end it on a sweeter note:
love you all xox

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