May 07, 2009

Changing Weather

Welcome sunshineee ~~~ 
the weather's getting warmer day by day. clothing wise, i felt i was like in the middle of 2 seasons, my closet was a TOTAL mess. every day, i'd look for something to wear, i'd dig things out and the throw them on my bed. being my lazy self, i let it pile up until i couldnt take it anymore. the mess forced me to do my spring cleaning. it took a total of 5 hours to clear my closet of winter clothes and replace them with summer frocks. it was hell of a long process, but once my warmer weather clothes are hung up, it was totally worth the hardship! still need to store my boots and take out my open-toed shoes =] but i'm too tired now, that'll be for another day. ok enough with clothings ramblings and on with some pictures!!! yay!
Saturday April 25th. YAY!!! i'm wearing my princess skirt =] i love this skirt so so much as it looks and makes me feel like a princess. picked it up with my beuhbie Maya at H&M the week before i think.
so nice outside, windows & sunroof are all open =] i'm wearing my F21 ruffled top
had an appointment with my travel agent, it's confirmed, me & bb are leaving September 5th and combing back on September 21st. woot woot!!!
on our way downtown. we were doing a bubble gum contest. whoever blows the biggest bubble wins. wins what? a kiss =] teehee
ummm yeah, he won.
such a beautiful day!!! did a few hours of shopping downtown
i love getting pampered =] had a mani and got my nails polished. luckily i brought my own O.P.I. lacquer as they only had crazy colors.
spring time also means blister madness for me. thats the problem with transitioning from boots to pumps.
and thats no matter how much my shoes costs. well, the 3 hours running around shopping didnt really help, but still...
blisters & plasters on both feet. sucks to be me

yay! we had our 1st BBQ of the season!
thanks Sim, it was delishhh
aww the lovely couple seem kinda crazy in this pic hahaha
bellies filled and satisfied
we went to Paris Crepe later that night. yummyyyyyy i can't believe i still wonder HOW i gained weight... *hits self on the forehead*
banana nutella = good stuff
Maya = banana nutella, Steph = strawberry nutella


spoiled the little prince again! tee from Tata and i bought the velour tracksuit
modeling his new stuff
fits like a glove! mommy love Tatsu!

i hope this post was entertaining enough...
next will be about me & my sis just chilling...

off to bed...

1 comment:

IchigoBunnie said...

CUTE heels!!!!

and sorry bout ur blisters :( hope they heal soon cuz i kno how painful blisters are...@_@ i had quarter-sized or bigger ones from iceskating on many occasions. hurt so bad.

pretty nails too :)

ur so pretty!