April 08, 2009

Rainy Weekend + New LOVE

Ryan Gosling + Rachel McAdams [Notebook]
Tobey Maguire + Kirsten Dunst [Spiderman]

why can't it be like this in real life when it rains? nobody feels bloody romantic when it pours. maybe its just me (& my boyfriend) that are weird but i absolutely despise the rain! why? here's why:

1. my natural soft curls turn CURLY when wet, or out-of-proportion voluminous when humid
2. makeup gets messed up [whats the purpose of using a waterproof mascara when the rest of your makeup looks like poop anyways?]
3. worms come out and play [worms are first on my list of phobias, luckily, the weather's not warm enough yet...]
4. umbrellas are way annoying to carry [my red hot Ferre umbrella broke recently...damn]
5. the smell of humidity [ewww]
6. wet anything [besides baths, showers or for any hygiene purposes, i HATE anything wet, so please dont brush your wet jacket on my trench coat. oh, and dont freaking flip your hair when it's wet. ] 
7. no matter what brand, rain boots are bothersome to wear. they mess the whole outfit up.
8. it also makes people [like me & bb] hella CRANKY!!!

it was a rainy weekend here in Montreal, and for once, we didnt really have anything scheduled. i felt like staying home, but it would be a waste to let such matter ruin my little 2 days off. so, friday after work, we decided to go watch Fast and Furious at Guzzo Marche Central. omg bad choice! friday night + popular movie premiere + well known theatre = BIG FAT MESS. there were so many people there. the whole ticket counter area was jam packed with car-less youngsters anticipating the new movie of this hot rods franchise. we had to get out of there as fast as we could. anyways, the boys tried to find a parking spot and couldnt, so we left the place immediately. we still really wanted to watch it so decided to try Guzzo/Spheretech. when we got there, only a few people were at the ticket area, and once we got inside to the waiting/arcade/food stand area, it was practically empty. as the screening time approached, more and more people came. enjoyed the movie overall, the storie's not awesome, but i like fast cars, races and Paul Walker. lol so the movie pleased me. =]

saturday, no real plans in mind, me & bb didnt wanna stay home, so we went downtown just for walking around. my mood wasnt super top shape, but he knew how to swing my mood back around. he got me these little summer babies to cheer me up!

i did a mini photoshoot for the family's newbie =]
here they are:  

sex on legs

Brand: Harajuku Lovers "Leah" heels
Description: black patent leather, cork heels, leather soles, ankle + T strap style, peep toes, decorative heart sunglasses trim =]
heel height: 5" heel, with a 1" platform
Store: Winners [scoreeee!]
Price Paid: 80$ CAD tax in
Retails: 100$ USD
get your pair here
although they dont have the classy look, but the sunglasses make them all that much fun to wear and tones down the trashiness of the shoes =]  PLUS, my boyfriend picked them out for me, all on his own. yay!

so we did a little shopping, but nothing extravagant, promise. =] by 4:00pm, we already went through all our regular stores...so with nothing else to do and the unwillingness to go home, we dropped by Indigo and just chilled there. we used to always do this back then when we were younger. it was nice, i got a little nostalgic again haha we'd grab a bunch of books that stroke our interest and just sit on the floor and go through them for fun. i always get books from the same sections: fashion, interior decorating, weddings & photography. my bb has always had the same interests too: hockey, cars, gadgets & toys & guinness records. 
the angle of this pic is too cute, b looks like a little kid. minus the 'stache
hockey player at heart
i bet the title scared you guys, made you think i got a new bf didnt it? haha no no, silly! i'm still with my bb boo! the "New LOVE" part is for the new pair of shoes.
please excuse my pouffy hair. humidity has nasty effects on my mane.
him and his Car Guide
i love my trademark Zara nappa leather boots =]
traffic jam on a saturday. the only hate reason i got for downtown.
snapping time, doing the asian pout
weird hair T_T"
wondering why i never smile showing my teeth? because if they show, that means the eyes will disappear. lol i have tiny eyes. so i choose to show my eyes and hide the teeth, even if they're perfectly white and straight.

Sunday, the power was out at my parent's restaurant, so we spent a big part of the day together as a family. in the morning, we went for some dim sum at Zao's. not the best place on earth, but it was ok. it was smaller than regular dim sum places, so somewhat more cozy (?). the down side? seemed like all vietnamese Montrealers ate there. too many familiar faces and many of my parent's customers too. talking about dim sum, my forever favorite will always be Lotte Furama, but they closed down a few months ago (RIP), President's quickly becoming my new fave, the cuisine changed since being acquired by Tong Por's owner (friends with my bf's parents) so the food is actually good now. it's even better than Tong Por itself haha.

after dim sum, we went to Rockland Centre, again, for a bit of shopping. only daddy and bb bought stuff. daddy got 2 pair of shoes, Energie leather sandals for summer & Diesel shoes to wear for work. bb got a tshirt again.
hairstyle of the day: high pony tail with black grosgrain bow barrette
taken in my dad's car.
bb's wearing one of his TO trucker hat, says "I'm F-in Busy"

profile =]
me & bb =]
mommy & daddy =]
amy & her boyfriend left for downtown
yummy...family starbucks fix

**GASP** Jonathan Rhys Meyers modeling Energie!!!
the SA at stylexchange saw that i'm boy crazy so he gave them to me. hahaha maybe the hyperventilating didnt help..lol
new Ed Hardy tee i bought for him =]
he got himself this tee. the brand is Scotch & Soda, never heard of it, but i thought it was fun.
french lingerie = loveee
another new undies
does it look like i'm crazy about french lace? =] pencil skirt from Club Monaco, which again, bb picked out and bought for me

and last but not least: 
My Twilight Ultimate Collector's set is here!!! <3

currently hyper busy at the office, i have tons of collections to develop for Spring 2010's presentation, which is like April 24th. doing major overtime and tired like hell. fortunately, we're having a 4 days week as i'm off friday, like most of you. =] i plan to drive my girlfriends to a Rudsak sample sale on friday morning, and then spend the whole day with bb. saturday is our girls day out...until now, we have nothing planned yet, yikes! and then meet our boyfriends for dinner together. ther's also a friend's bday at Tonic again...no idea if we're going or not. we'll see. as usual, a fully booked weekend. [i help out at my parent's restaurant on Sundays, dutiful daughter teeheeeee]

laters! xox


Joyce said...

Hey Queenie
I have a question for you:
Do you get used to wearing such high heels ?
How was ur first time wearing such heights? I'd love to wear heels all the time but it freakin sucks the pain out of me.

Miss Queenie said...

of course you do! =] practice always makes perfect. i started wearing heels since like when i was 16 or something. my mom made me wear heels, she showed me how to walk in heels just like when i was little, with books on my head, how to keep my posture straight etc. i started slowly, with kitten heels (1" or 1.5"), then starting going higher and higher. since the process was done slowly but surely, it never hurt my feet. my highest heels are 11 cm...and i can walk in them with no problem. i can even shop in them for 5-6 hours straight.

the only advice i can give you is to start slowly with lower heels and let you feet get used it first. dont start with a 4" heel, it's pure suicide. you will hurt your feet, your posture and everything in between.

i hope that helped

stacey said...

wow i never wore heel much since i'm a tomboy and decided to wear a 4'' one when i usually don't but thank god i didn't choose that heel since ouch i'd die during prom!
btw dear since you're so a fashion designer any idea on what kind of hair i should do for my prom?
and also what kind of shoe go with dark purple?
tyvm in advanced <3