April 20, 2009

End of Weekend Ramblings

warm and sunny day today!!! i took a few hours off from the restaurant to go pickup some presents for my 2 little cousins. well, they're not that little anymore hahaha, the oldest is in College and the younger is in 11th Grade. i think in my head, they will forever remain my 2 lil couz. they're mixed Viet + Irish. 2 young handsome fellas =] anyways, they have better things to do in life then read my blog, so i'm not worried about posting the buys here. haha

left the restaurant at 3pm, and it took me about 1,5 hours to buy 4 tees + 2 jeans. not bad huh?

Starbucks Indulgence =] i've been a bad girl, i had 2 fraps this weekend
YAY!!! warm enough to open the sunroof! =]
why does Acura call it "MoonRoof"?
Oil life is now at 15%, which means it's time to change it! good thing my mom takes care pretty much of everything around the house, so she took the initiative to call Acura Services and booked an appointment on friday for oil change + summer tires =] thanks mom!
WOOHOO!!! a whopping 21C, summer is nearrr

bought this bikini on friday. why? because it's MY print =] i'll probably get the shorts too. and pick up the black version for my little sister.
bonus? it's a major PUSH-UP too =D my boobies look awesome in this bikini! hehe
i have no idea when i'll wear it...since i kinda have tons already.. (2 JC are missing from the pic)
shopaholic??? kinda...but none of these are for me except the JC notebook!!

decided to spoil my little stud muffin with a JC polo. baby blue + yellow = perfect summer colors

"OK mommy....no more pictures!!"

look out for the next POST!
CANADIENS game + Raclette + HOT PICTURES!!!

yay!...got an appointment next saturday with my travel agent...there's a trip to plan with bb =]

laters xox


KohLepe said...

Hi Queenie!!

Happy Monday to you!! You posted your blog early this week ~ Yay for me :) I always come by every Monday to see if you have anything up so I'm super excited to see read it today. Your puppy is so cute :)

So I see that you are meeting up with your travel agent? ohhh excited!! Where are you going with your babe? Are you guys going to VN?

I hope it gets warmer where you are.. it's getting nicer here in Minnesota. The leaves are starting to come out.

Have a great Monday!!

Tena (Koh Lepe)

miemiemie said...

awww cute lil thing wearing that cute lil shirt as well :)

Tiffany said...

your puppy is so cute!
I so glad it's getting warmer as well, no more icky cold weather :)

Miss Queenie said...

KohLepe: aww thanks sweetie! i try to update my blog as soon as i get some free time. but i fail to do so because it's crazy hectic at work and i'm doing really crazy hours. i get barely enough time to sleep.

yup yup, i asked my parents about the trip with my bb, and to my surprise, they agreed without any arguing. yeah we're going to VN but also Cambodia, Thailand and HK. all that in the matter of 2 weeks.

miemiemie: Tatsu barks "thank you"! =]

Tiffany: cheahhh warm weather this weekend too!! my widget says it's gonna be 27C on saturday. it's practically summer weeheee

Ally said...

Omg your dog is sooooo cutee!!<3

pinkiebella said...

wheehee enfin! =D mais mon blog est loin detre rempli mane..c full plate ! Bon va falloir je prends plus de pic comme toi hihi =p <3 jtaime fulll bebe! :)

maddy said...

Where'd you get the bikini from? I would one that made my boobs look awesome! Haha

Miss Queenie said...

maddy: i actually got mine from a store called L'Aubainerie. i dont usually go there, but went because my stuff is selling there! this bikini top is FREAKING awesome!!! it boost like 2 cup sizes in a blink of an eye! =]

maddy said...

oh no! i checked the site and there's no online shopping :( i really want that bikini now! i'm so flat in that area lol