April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend just passed. i had friday off, tons of things in mind, nothing really worked out the way i thought it would. all we did was EAT EAT EAT!!! hahaha i probably gained a few pounds due to eating out all the time. 
Marathon [Decarie] on friday night
Td-1 & bb smooching? ewww
Me & M (got to wear my f21 headband for the first time)

Saturday morning, i had an appointment at my dental clinic at 11:30am. so because the few last times i was late, my dentist skipped me and carried on to the next patient. on top of that, she told my mom!!! arghhh she's so nosy! those resulted in my mom scolding me. so this time, i arrived like 10 minutes PRIOR to my appointment time, and guess what, when she got to me, it was already freaking 11:50am!!! i waited 20 minutes even though i was EARLY. damn, i hate her! that has kept me from being on time for lunch with Td-1 & M. anyways, no cavities! yay! when she cleaned my teeth, she poked so hard with her pointy metal "instrument" that i couldnt eat properly for a whole day. but that certainly did not stop me from eating though. teehee!

Lyla Restaurant for lunch (bb craved Bun Bo Hue and i wanted Bot Chien)
Td-1 (who brought his laptop to do his work) & curious bb
my little hottie
Me & M (looks like i just woke up...)
M's Bun Bo Hue
i order random dishes...i dont even know how this is called...
Td-1's veggie lunch haha
we got a trim at SaSa Salon! my fave, it's only 20$ including tips, and my hairstylist does a freaking wonderful job! i love him. and he's the ONLY one in Montreal able to tame my mane. if he goes back to HK, i'm dead.

later saturday, we went grocery shopping (yup, thats right, i grocery shop!!!...sometimes...) to buy stuff for home made spaghetti =] yummm. and watched the game too. such a cozy night we had. near the end of the game, Iz & Sim came by.
smooching while the pasta was cooking! =]
to tell you the truth, the cooking was mainly done by M...i was there more as an ornament...
i love bb
M loves Td-1 too =]
home made spaghetti + hockey = AWESOME! hehe
haha funny way of eating huh?
bb complaining about his hair being too long and doing his "Bob" Pattinson hairstyle hahaha

after the game, it was still kinda early. we had the choice of going to L2 for some bubble tea or Juliette et Chocolat. i've heard some rave reviews of this place from Iz, who went to the one on St-Denis. decided we should try the Laurier location now. =] when we got there, it around 10:30-11:00pm-ish. we'd thought its a little late for desert but was surprised when we saw a line-up for tables. it was jam packed. i must say that it was extremely tasty, one of, if not the best.
for those interested, the address is 377 Laurier Ouest
White Chocolate fondue for 2 =] yummy!! white chocolate is my favorite!
Td-1 had milk chocolate fondue, Sim had Crepe au Sarasin (which i tried and CRAVE until today still. MUST go back soon!)
Iz had Crepe Banane & Chocolat i think..yummy as well
it was a little too late to have desert for b, so he opted for some Jasmine Tea instead.
yummy novelty chocolate!!

Little Miss Queenie is BLONDE!!! 
jk jk...i tried hairmixer.com and picked Reese Witherspoons perfect blonde hair to try out. i dont know what to think of it...i've never ever dyed my hair before, in fear of losing my natural color. it was kinda shocking even if it's just a picture. what do you readers think? and NO i didnt pick that magazine cover..they randomly select one for you.

laters!! xox


miemiemie said...

awww you guys are so adorable :) haha when i take pics of us kissing it doesn't look nice at all! hahaha how did you do it? hahaha

and the food..wow

stacey said...

haha i totally laugh at your blonde XD
no don't dye it blonde DX
natural ftw~

honeymilk_88 said...

which stylist do you always ask for at SaSa? Ive tried all the odd places in chinatown x_x i always walk out upset