April 29, 2009

Go Habs Go

the season has ended too soon. ask any true Montrealer and you would get the same answer. we lost 4-0 in the playoffs against our arch rival, the Boston Bruins, first round. some would say it was shameful, but true fans stick with the team no matter what. win or lose, our team is still OUR team. season 08-09 has left us with a sour taste, we're crossing our fingers for changes, new tactics, or reuse last year's formula to success for the upcoming season. but for now, let them rest. they're on their much needed vacation. Go Habs Go!!!

this was our little hockey night! round 1, game 2, Saturday April 18th, 2009
we had a dress code, everyone had to wear Canadiens gear! a fun filled night, lots of cheering, yelling, swearing & laughter. at the end of the game, everyone was disappointed. guys started playing NHL on PS3 and the girls did naughty photoshoot. LOL we had lotsa fun. teehee
Steph, Bella, Maya preparing the food
Steph, Bella, Me & Maya
Bella & Maya, both doing very well in the kitchen
Steph was just posing though =D
YUMMY Raclette!!!
BB (who decided to wear his tee instead of his jersey), Sim, TD-1, KL & CT
our sweet hosts for the night =]
fobby babies =]
S & CT
AP, your bf sends you a KISSY!!! catch it! =]
BB & Me =]
Siblings? hell yeah!
Sergei + Andrei
Habbies Chicas!
i kinda though i was invisible, but that didnt turn out too well
no reason for a cake, but WHO CARES? =] any day can be a great day for cake eating! white chocolate = double YUMMY!!!
Mr. TD-1
me love bb! (holy, we look like kids)
uhh yeah...dont ask. because i dont know what they were doing.
Bella showing her real fob side. she's one of the Peace Masters after all.
Zoolander much? hehe
pretty school boy
net idol style!
the true Fobbista!
Maya doing her naughty face! hahahaha

uhhh... yeah, just to warn you, from now on, the pix are pretty explicit. so please exit if you're under your country's legal age!!! 

just kidding......not

Gotcha! hehe it's not THAT bad.
LOL censored!
playful naughties
cutesie naughties
upside down naughties
innocent naughties
the feline
the baby
the bombshell
the pro
the teaser
miss Feline doing her thing
the baby poser
the bombshell trademark
the teaser and her game
the feline leads the pack
the baby follows
the bombshell needs no direction
the pro's flawless
the teaser teases
feline & bombshell sharing a pic
see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil
fobby side of these babies
*blows a kiss*
wheel of chicas
self enhancement, women's favorite activity yay!
take 2
take 3
couple showing some love
LOL dans le feu de l'action
opĂ©ration sĂ©duction
bitch fight! haha

result of too much fun:

hope it entertained you all! =] until next time readers!