March 18, 2009

This & That

seems like i dont update my dear blog as often as i'd like to. i will try to slowly change that. =)

so, i was in Toronto for the weekend with bb. as i get older, i feel like the driving time from Montreal to Toronto gets shorter...i dont know...when i was little, it took forever to get there, but now, not as much. maybe the fact that b drives at 160km/h has something to do with it haha. it wasn't a romantic getaway, it was more to get out of the city and pay a visit to my grandparents (who are now newly retirees). my grandpa got so old in the blink of an eye. 6 months ago, he was more "awake" and jolly and energetic, not as much now. i feel like crying every time i watch him be. but the tears were well concealed as i dont want to worry him. i'm glad they're coming permanently to Montreal, then we'll be closer and we'll be able to take good care of them. my parents bought them a condominium in Town Mount Royal (TMR), so we'll be really near. yay! i can't wait. 

i'll talk about the short trip on my next post. this one will be reserved for random things, as the title states.

hair a la Winehouse...but a little more demure and a whole lot less messy

*i changed my makeup products, dropped the Physician's Formula pressed powder & Lancome Maquicomplet concealer, although both were in their lightest shades, they didn't match my skin color anymore. i've gotten a lot lighter nowadays. seems like the Lancome Blanc Expert line's effect is kickin' in, not that i was dark before. the new concealer i bought is from Shiseido, i also got the Dual Balancing foundation for my T-zone, both in the lightest shade again. i think the match is perfect, my mom says it looks like i have nothing on. yay!

me & bb, at Tonic for a friend's birthday
me & M, same night, March.06.2009

Sim + Iz + Me + Bb at the sugar shack on saturday March.07.2009
S + Emy + Steph + Iz + Me
bb eating his sweet
me enjoying mine teehee =]


the April issue of GQ, which features my hottie vampire, is out already!!! the release date was supposed to be March 24th, but i went to Archambault yesterday at lunch time and got mine!!! hurry up! they'll be gone in no time, so get your bombom out of your house and grab your copy before they sell out! the spread just dazzles me...*sighhh* oh...while i was there, i also got a copy of Rob's biography, it's in french though, i didn't see any english version. HA! the perks of speaking a few languages. yay! it's filled will nice pictures...yummm =]

yeah, i also bought the Director's Notebook. sorry, i'm a Twilight geek, deal with it! =D 

Random Queenie Fact:
me love Starbucks! my fave drink: Grande Mocha Frappuccino NO whip cream.
gotta restrain myself from going there often. i only spoil myself with this once a week. those who are hooked on this daily are fat. 
thats all =) see ya later readers!

p.s. to the owner of the Volks Rabbit that i encountered on Christophe Colomb the other day, arghhh!!! Desolee de t'avoir depassee, tu conduisais vraiment comme une badass, j'en avais! je ne savais pas que tu etais l'amie de T.G. lol Montreal est vraiment trop petit. desolee si c'etait "rude". =] you should wave next time you see me! it'd be cool, j'te fixerais pendant un bout, me posant la question pourquoi une inconnue me salut, mais apres, ta Rabbit va surement me reveiller. haha! A+

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