March 02, 2009


it's so freaking cool, the sun's making a comeback in my city, slowly but surely though... its all good, better than nothing right? we've been having warmer weather, but once in a while, the cold will pop in and ruin our fun and jolly mood. hmmphhh! whatever, keeping my spirits high because we're already March!!! =] yayness! one of my favorite months of the year. March = more sun, March 21 = spring, March = spring shopping, but most importantly, March marks me & my boyfriend's 7 years anniversary together as a couple! =D awesome huh? awesome indeed. we dont have anything planned though, maybe traveling once summer comes, but for now, i dont have any vacation left at work. so imma tough it out until then. 

taken last week at work, yeah, i like daydreaming.
my company is pretty neat, my office space is located in the more Lofty area of the building. i get natural lighting, the ceiling's high, the air is fresh (or so it seems), the only hiccup is that i'm always freaking cold! like year 'round. and i'm the only one always whining about it. why am i wearing a (Habs) hat at the office? well, because i can =] i'm in the fashion industry, i can wear practically whatever i want, just no boobs or ass showing...everything else can be considered as a fashion statement. how cool is that? i wear jeans, oversized sweatshirts, track suits, shirts, mini skirts, really whatever i feel like. and the days where my hair refuse to obey me, i'll sport a trucker hat. which is cool too, because i dont need to wear makeup. =] (no makeup in the pic)
my tall bronze Uggs are so dirty because of all the mom's getting them cleaned at the shoe repair place. so i dug up my vintage 2006 original Mukluks, yummy, they're still as comfy as they were back then. the sheepskin inside is still mushy and the rabbit fur is still flawless. =] i love my Mukluk boots

here's me & my boyfriend just chillin' at my parent's restaurant before going shopping. i know, we're really random and have nothing to do with our time, so we waste it taking pictures. haha
tried Binosusume's Bow hairstyle. what are your opinions about it? it's an easy concept but my hair is really layered, so i kinda had a hard time getting it right.
my little prince
in this picture, you can see my little sister in the background. haha

went shopping with the boyfriend. =] felt really good. feels like i didnt shop for the longest time...on with the purchases
just trying on the new Juicy wool skirt. i'm getting it altered to mini! woot!
umm...why are there size 0, whats up with that? its not even a real number...i'm used to my size 2, but now have dropped to a non-existent size? lol...
my bf loves LOVES's another pair to his collection. they come with regular leather soles and sheepskin soles for colder weather. cool feature!

Taverniti distressed jeans & Dirty English raw edge tee for him

Dirty English hooded + fur lined leather jacket for him
almost exactly like the one below, except with fur.

i'm so in love with this sweatshirt!!! it's so heavenly comfortable i would wear it all year long. the fabric is so soft...and i like what's printed on it. hehe

my boyfriend also got me a Mike & Chris jacket
model: Seth
color: Pale Grey
this is also LOVE! =] buttery soft, feels the same as my Vince leather bomber.
i love hoodies & i love leather, so why the hell not combine both? this one's for spring...but i'm wondering if i should still get a Mackage leather jacket as basic black. it'd be like a wardrobe staple. and its a lot cheaper than Mike & Chris. i dont know yet...

dont you like my artistic nails??? i did them myself! yay... ok to tell you the truth, i wanted to do pink-white-pink stripes but totally messed up. so i improvised on this. it's basically inspired by paint brush strokes. polish i used are pink & white from Mac X Hello Kitty.
bought this product at Sephora (St-Bruno) last week. i love Too Faced packaging, adorable! it's going to replace my Physician's  Formula pressed powder for now. i got tired of the product and needed to change because my skin lightened and it was just too dark for me. (same thing for my Lancome Maquicomplet Clair II, i'm desperately looking for under eye concealer now, any suggestions?)
i like whats written on the mirror! =]

If you guys ever get the chance to come to montreal and are looking for an ice cream parlor, you gotta try Bilboquet! they make the best homemade ice cream & sherbets in town. i promise! my fave is Coconut, Mango & Vanilla. i bought some at Les Glaceurs last week, yummy...

we were at dinner last week and at the door, they had this plush toys machine. my bb won this cutie for me...reminds me of when we first got together. awww  thanks babe

me love cupcakes, bought some again, couldnt wait until i got home, had to have one right there and then! lol Red Velvet is my favorite flavor.
Avalanche de Brownies, Vanille, Red Velvet
tried some new ones: Beurre D'arrachide, Menthe Chocolat, Cafe & Choco Coco

laters readers!


reena said...

those cupcakes look so delicous :O i must visit that shop the next time im in canada :D

nice purchases btw

Tiffany said...

Canada defiantly does not have pleasant weather during this time.. *sighh.. i was really hoping for nice WARM weather this week too >.>

Congrats on your upcoming 7years as well! After everything that happened recently.. keeping a [healthy] long term relationship is so difficult.. i guess there's always other opportunities for me >o<"

heartofpearl ♡ said...

ow man you look so cute!! love that bow like hair do! =D x

Miss Queenie said...

Reena: it's absolutely a MUST! they're really delicious. thanks

Tiffany: i hate Canadian winters =[ booo. its cold, windy, slushy, wet...yuck all of the worse mixed together. at least it's sunny. it's better than nothing right? ***giving myself reasons not to suicide for the stupid weather***

thanks for the congrats. what happened to you? whatever, there are tons of fishies left in the sea. just open your eyes and your REAL prince might be just around the corner. =] keep your spirits up, everything will turn out perfectly fine yay!

Miss Queenie said...

heartofpearl ♡: awww...thanks sweetie =] try out the bow hairstyle, i followed Binosusume's vid tut.

Anonymous said...

I looove your clothing/jewelry style, so girly and classy! :) The bow looks adorable too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's wonderful not to have bills to pay at the end of the month. Really, like. Wow. I'd love to have my whole salary to spend each month and brag about my purchases and make my friends envious. Oh wait. Not.

Mai T.

Miss Queenie said...

Anonymous 1: aww thanks =] i love girlie stuff

Anonymous 2 (Mai T): you know what? it IS fucking awesome. you should try it out...oh wait...maybe you're not as privileged, thats why you're all angry about it.

by the way, you're missing just a few details about my credit cards & bills mother took away my bank card as well, which means the money i earn is unaccessible.

however, the positive side is that she gives me allowance money. it's not much and does not compare to my salary, but it's probably more than what you earn yearly. =] the things i buy are from my allowance savings, dumba$$! lol

have a good life sucker ;)