March 31, 2009

Hardcore Weekend

ok lets start with the bad things first and i'll end the post on a lighter note. so friday at lunch time, i went out of the office and went shopping a little. when i looked at the time, it was already almost 1pm, so i was going to be late. the company i work at is situated next to a residential area. i drove quickly to avoid coming it later. then suddenly, i heard a siren, looked at the rear mirror, a white car was right behind me with flashing lights. i didnt even know it was for me, so i quickly drove out of the way to let them go past me, but alas, they followed me near the sidewalk. T_T" another ticket again...arghhh it's so frustrating! they were the ghost police, meaning their car is a regular white car with no light on top or any signs that says they're from the police. an ugly man got off the car and walked confidently towards mine. apparently, i burned 2 stop signs...pff whatever. it's a residential area, people go to work, so NOBODY drives on that street. i dont even know why they picked such a place out of nowhere. >_<" i think i'm cursed with Laval Police, and fridays are bad luck for me it seems. even though it wasnt a 13th. on top of that, he was so ugly, i couldnt even push myself to bat my lashes at him to ask for a second chance. urghhh, his face irritated me more than the ticket itself. anyways, after 5 minutes, he came back to my car with the famous paper. 154$ and minus 3 points out of my license. thanks ugly-a$$! with that money + a few bucks, i could've bought a pair of shoes for summer. who in this world does a complete stop at a stop sign??? NOBODY! 

this event almost ruined my fully booked weekend. but fortunately it did not! =] friday night, got home at around 6pm, my bf came to pick me up at 9pm. we dropped by TD-1's house to meet the rest of our friends. when everyone was ready, we headed to Tonic to celebrate M's Bday!!! Happy 21st Bday hun! she forced the girls to be colors coordinated and picked pink accents on black anything. cool idea, we wouldnt lose each other in the club. my outfit consisted of: a pink/black knit top by French Connection, black linen hot shorts by Forever 21, black tights by Miss Sixty, black napa leather boots by Zara & my LV Eva handbag. the rest of the girls were sizzling hot with their bright pinks! the night was filled with loud music, laughter & bombom shaking. saw so many familiar faces all at once that night, some more welcome than others. my bf's friend was guest DJ that night too. stayed until 2:15 am and then left for MonNan. i swear to god, i think that place is our out-of-the-club spot. we somehow always end up there eating porridge. if we go clubbing, then you can expect for us to be at MonNan around 2:30ish. 
Td-1 & his wifey (M, the bday girl)

M, TH, Tb, Amy, Izz, So & me in the middle teehee!
bday girl with the boys! TT, Td-1, Bb, CK, QD & Sim

next morning, i think my bf woke me up at 10am. which is super early considering we came home at 3:30am the same morning. i wasnt grumpy though, i was actually really energized and happy! the sun was shining bright, it was gonna get really warm in the afternoon and the fact that i woke up early gave me a whole day ahead of me to do whatever i wanted. oh actually, we didnt have time to drop by the L'Oreal warehouse sale as planned because we really needed to go find M's bday gift. i'm always last minute like this when it comes to purchasing presents. i feel so bad about it, but fortunately, the gift me & my bf buy are always exactly what the bday person wants. pheewww. went to Rockland & Fairview Pointe Claire.

Rise and Shine! =] heading out to Phuoc Ky for some lunch with bb
my eyes are still puffy >_<
my little prince =] (i dont know why he needs to take out his wallet from his pants all the time, he almost lost it twice this week. same for his cellphone, he takes it out, fiddles with it and leaves it there then panicks afterwards)

bb was trying on some clothes at Imperial. the clothe selection in that store was awesome, the only reason i didnt buy anything there was because the SA was too pushy, i couldn't take it. so i just ignored him the whole time. its apparently an Italian imported brand. the store just opened like 6 months ago. anyways, since i didn't look around in fear of being harassed by the SA, i sat there and snapped =] b finally bought a tee there. summary of shopping afternoon = Ed Hardy tee + crystalized Smet tee + Imperial tee, all 3 for bb. i only got 2 tees from Wildfox Couture.
the sun was just too beautiful to not snap a few shots
oops, i look kinda pissed in this pic. probably due to freaking traffic.

we were heading to my house, then my mom called and asked us to drop by Oriental Market to get some veggie/herbs for the restaurant, so we did. even though she told me what to get, i had no idea what it looked like and had to ask some clerks working there. one of them recognized me [being the daughter of mommy]. i have never even met the man in my life. Montreal is way small. >_<"
bought some sweet Tarot "chips" on my way out. these are wayyy tasty. yummm
i enjoyed each and every bite

we went to M's place at around 7pm-ish. the girls prepared the food while the guys were watching hockey. so cute! we're like playing wives hahaha! (we cant cook lol) menu for the night: TACOS!!! 
watch out, we're dangerous (in the kitchen). you wouldnt want to lose a finger just for getting near us. lol! Iz was doing a great job with the onions. i was ok with chopping the lettuce, but when it came to dicing the tomatoes. gosh that was another story. took me so long to cut them into tiny cubes. and they weren't that nice in the end too. whatever, it's all going in the same place. please dont expect me to be perfect in the kitchen, because you'll be extremely disappointed.

final product!!! yay, i'm so proud of us
close your eyes and make a wish M!
we can have tons of fun with almost nothing. we're very easy to please.
our handsome fellas =]

as opposed to a beautiful saturday with tons of sun, sunday was pouring all day long. it's so depressing. what a nice way to finish a weekend. i went to NP and helped out, like all the other sundays. yup a very dutiful daughter indeed. =]
big mistake to be wearing leather that day. when i was getting ready, i didnt really look outside my window.

in the middle of the afternoon, i went to the L'Oreal warehouse sale, i didnt need anything in particular but wanted to go anyways, in fear of missing out. at around 5pm, i came home to pick my sister up, she was studying at home the whole day as she's in her exam period. we dropped by Harvey's to grab something to eat and we saw THIS:
this must be the most hilarious fashion crime i've seen in a while. LOL this girl was wearing a yellow bubble top, which made her look humongous, with skinny jeans, YELLOW SOCKS and pointy stilettos. and lets not forget the yellow eyeshadow. good god, fashion crimes like should NEVER be tolerable.

L'Oreal warehouse junk:
Giorgio Armani Code, limited edition for 45$ CAD
it also comes with a GA deck of cards
Maybelline lacquers, 1.50$ CAD each
Lancome Le Vernis in 008 Orange Fluorama, 8.50$ CAD
Lancome L.U.C.I. Eyes shadow in Apricot Light, 16.50$ CAD
Lancome Juicy Tube in Peah Mochi, 8.50$

everything was really cheap, good deals.

cute packaging huh?

white & apricot swatches
diagram showing different ways to use the shadow/highlighter
cute, so princessy! 
chic pearl color
super cool fluo orange nails (i'm wearing this color at the moment)
Juicy Tube swatch. i think it's gorgeous. the color is subtle and just a tad sparkly

New favorite tshirt brand??? WildFox Couture by WhiteHorse. i'm in love with these wannabe vintage-y tees. they're so soft, the shape is ultra feminine (A-line) and the prints are often really quirky. i have 4 total, i wanna collect them... the first one was "Being Good/Being bad" and these are my newer ones:
i love boys
Love Potion #9
J'aime Amore

thats all for today's post...
laters xox


Rene said...

Hey Queenie! :D This is just another fellow soompier that follows your blog... =D Haha ~ You're very lucky to have such a nice boyfriend and family! ^^ I love yoru L'Oreal purchases! I live in Toronto BTW and was wondering if you knew when the Toronto Sale was going on?

Joyce said...

Hey Queenie !
I've been following your blog for a while and your motorcycle boots caught my eyes !
Where did you got them ?

J said...

aww that SUCKS about the ticket! cops are just hidden everywhere, i really hate that. but i actually stop at stop signs 50% of the time...depends on my mood :)

Miss Queenie said...

Rene: hi there! glad to see you here. yes i do have an awesome boyfriend and a very loving family. i cherish them so much and am thankful for everything. =] unfortunately, i dont know when the one in Toronto will take place. maybe you should create a post or ask othe TO soompiers about it. they might know. anyways, thanks for dropping by! =]

Joyce: Hi! 1st off, thanks for following my blog. and to answer your question about the boots: i bought the off ebay. i got the link from soompi. here's the seller: they dont seem to have anything for sale at the moment. but it's from them. hope it helped. or you can google "engineer boots" or something.

J: yeah i know, i hate getting pulled over. hmmmphhh i guess it'll teach me. i HATE ghost police!!! i usually have an excellent eye detecting from far away...but this one got me!!! =[ i hate stop signs...grrr

hilda said...

hey queenie! dont know if you know who i am...i followed your blog from soompi :)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE your style :D

Anonymous said...

Who cares about your fucking nail polish. You are such a showoff . You think the people are actually interested about your freaking life, they only come here just to see how pathetic you are when you're showing off your expensive stuff.

Miss Queenie said...

Hilda: hey!! =] yet another soompier here. i dont know who you are because i cant see your pic..but umm..still nice to see you here =D

Anonymous: awww...another hater! i love how my life can provoke anger in you. i wonder whats more writing a blog about my life, or you stalking my blog. dude chill out man, if buying a pair of boots off ebay or beauty products from a warehouse sale come off as show-off...then...sorry (!?!) LOL hmmm...i never said my stuff were expensive...where did i ever mention an extravagant price tag? double LOL cmon...take a chill pill, go take a walk and get some fresh air. dont be frustrated at me for living my life. haha

miemiemie said...

aww sorry to hear about the police incident..haha good thing the police here aren't strict.haha i always swerve and go beyond the speed limit like always..actually,you can pay the police when they catch you..hahahhaa i've only been caught once coz i entered a no entry zone..

i love your haul!!! esp the eyeshadow,such a pretty compact! and the nail polish too..

miemiemie said...

uh-oh wait, i just saw the anonymous hater. such a coward to post hate comments without any names, you can't even reply to them. message to you hater: if you think she's showing off,then why the hell do you even visit her blog? people like you who don't have any nice thing to say better shut it

Miss Queenie said...

miemiemie comment 1: nah, no worries about the police! things like this happens. it'll teach me a lesson for being stubborn. lol where do you live? you can't do this here, they can probably double my ticket and charge me for even trying. i know most countries in asia, you can do that. my parents bribe officials at airports and police when we get pulled over. hehehe

it was just a mini haul =] but i'm very happy with what i got. teehee!

aww thanks for defending me against the anonymous trash! =D

miemiemie said...

haha i'm in the philippines right now. and yes you can bribe people here too hahaha

no problem dear. i hate haters. haha