March 12, 2009

Charmed by Tiffany & Co.

received this through email from Tiff, its adorable and makes you think summer is near...but in fact, its all a lie because its like -30C outside... =[  why can't it be warmer yet??? i cant wait to wear my spring and summer frocks, not to mention, HEELS!!! 

today's March 12th, which means: HAPPY 7 YEARS ANNIVERSARY BB! i love you with all my heart & soul. i've endured you these 7 years and hope for many more to come teeheeee! 

we can't celebrate tonight cause it's a weekday and anyways, we're gonna be at the Bell Centre for a Canadiens/Habs game. woot! there's no celebration planned out, but we are going on a mini getaway to Toronto this weekend though =] i can't wait.

short post, i know...sorry. but i'll make it up somehow...
bye for now =]


J said...

Awww! Happy anniversary :)

miemiemie said...

happy anniv guys!:) wooh we just turned 4 and i applaud you guys..haha 7 years is really long :) getting married soon?

Anonymous said...

happy annif!!!!!!! <3

Miss Queenie said...

J + Anonymous: thanks guys!! =]

miemiemie: thank you sweetie, 4 years is lots too. =] keep it up yay!