March 05, 2009

Big Boy Tatsu

yesterday was my little baby Tatsu's birthday. for those who do not know and havent guessed it yet, Tatsu Lam is me & my boyfriend's pup Yorkie Toy. he was born March.04.2007, so that makes him 2 years old =] a present from my boyfriend. before Tatsu, i thought people looked ridiculous talking to their dog and treating their pets like their own child, but now i know... lol because i treat my little yorkie like royalty. =D he's loved, healthy, well dressed and fed with the best dog food available.

name: Tatsu Lam
sex: male
breed: PURE Yorkie Toy
new colors: black, caramel, silver + IVORY (stated extremely rare & precious by our Veterinarian)
baby colors: black, caramel + IVORY
weight: 4 1/2 lbs
age: 2 y.o.

going back in time:
here's a few days after he first came home
daddy loves Tatsu =]
wearing a black crystalized shirt that says: "Bad Bones"
first outing: Rockland Center
he's super photogenic. i got a model pup =]

this is him now, still as handsome as ever! =]

Tatsu, mommy & daddy LOVE you!


miemiemie said...

happy bday tatsu! so cute :)

Miss Queenie said...

miemiemie: i'll tell him you wished him happy bday. lol thanks =]

It's just me.. said...

hey I found you soompi, and I have been lurking around for awhile.
I thought I'll leave a comment. hehe
You dog is soo cute!!
Happy Birthday to him! :)

Miss Queenie said...

it's just me: hey!! cool for you to leave a comment here! truly appreciate it =] thanks for the bday wishes lol