March 23, 2009

Being away

i miss being in L.A. went there 3 summers ago with my little sister. it was so much fun! we shopped 'til we dropped. i miss the sun, the palm trees, the beaches, the shopping...if i were to choose where to live later in life, this would be it. we stayed with my aunts & uncles (my mom's cousins), they live in Beverly Hills, so spending time with them was pretty much fun. they brought us to dinner, showed us places and stuff. without them, i wouldn't know where to begin, there's so much to see. only stayed there for 1 week though, i felt it wasn't enough because we also took 2 days for Las Vegas.

for this year's summer vacation, me & my boyfriend thought about going to Asia just the 2 of us. places to visit are: Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand & China. i dont know how that's gonna work out yet or if it will at all. i haven't asked my parents the permission yet (they're pretty strict), but my boss asked me to fill out the vacation for end of March the latest. i'm so stressed and dont know how to bring it up. i've already been road tripping with bb, but taking the plane and just flying away without my parents, this will be my first. if the Asia tour doesn't work out, we thought about going to California for a week. it's still to see, i'll keep you guys posted.

no shopping comparable to Rodeo Drive. it's just beautiful there.
awww...palm tree lined streets...i miss those =(

Toronto Mini getaway
March 13.14.15 2009

this was saturday march 14th, we were lucky, it was so nice & warm out.

Eaton Centre's elevator
he looks uncomfortable haha! i always force him to take pictures
yummm, full length mirrors =] gotta get one of these for my room
Outfit of the Day [OOTD]:
black cardigan: Zara
sailor front skirt: H&M
tights: Miss Sixty
knee high socks: H&M
leather boots: Miss Sixty
leather bomber jacket: Vince
headband + scarf: Burberry

bb's OOTD:
white tee: American Apparel
hoodie: G-Star Raw
jeans: Versace Jeans Couture
canvas high-tops: Energie
coat: Mackage
bag: Gucci

Sunday, 15th having fast-food dim sum at "Market Place"
yummy "HK eggs", have to get some every time i come here

and the best of the best of my buys in Toronto:
fobby "big head" trucker hats... yay!!! 4 of these are for my bb, the "A" is for little Amy & mines are the "Hello, My Name is" & Lips ones. my collection is slowly growing.
my new makeup fave =]

Until next time readers...xox

Upcoming Post: TWILIGHT crazeeee...wait for it. hehe


Tiffany said...

where did you get the choice and unity cap from?! =O
I live not too far from toronto but i've never seen those hats!
I always wanted one >.>

Miss Queenie said...

tiff: hey! i got all the hats from Pmall. they have a gigantic collection spread out accross a few stores there. if you have time, try to do all of them, i swear, it's worth it. they have all styles, all colors imaginable. i was amazed. =]

KohLepe said...

Hi Queenie :)
The trip away with your boo sounds like a lot of fun. Why not just ask your parents and just see what they will see. I think that if you tell them that you REALLY wanna go and as long as they know where you are and what you are planning to do, I think they should be ok. :) I'm from Thailand and I guarantee that you will have sooo much fun there :D How about back to VN? Have your bb been there? Mayb you can do half VN and half TH? Not that far from each other :)

Keep me posted!!

Take care girly!!



Koko said...

Hi! I was wondering what are your thoughts about the BB cream you bought? Are you still using it? I am considering buying it but I am not sure (i have acne-prone skin). thank you! :)

Lynn said...

Hey, just thought I'd leave a comment cuz my friend send me the link to your blog today, and I've been readin them non-stop! Gosh...I feel like a stalker or something LOL

but seriously, your blogs are really fun to read and I'm really enjoying myself. I love how you put Outfit of the day, like shopaholic ahaha XD

I'm actually from Toronto so it's so funny to see all these sights that I am so familiar with!

Just thought I'd leave a comment
I love your blog! Will definitely keep following it :)

Lynn C

jeff561983 said...

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