February 20, 2009

Thank You ^_^"

i'm dedicating this post to say thank you to Ya-Fen, my little sister's friend. why? well...because she went to Taiwan for her winter break and was nice enough to bring this AWESOME fobby trucker hat for me =]. 

[i didnt ask, nor do i care if this is legit Bape or not...i LOVE it, and she brought it back all the way from TAIWAN just for me, so i WILL wear it no matter what you Bape "connoisseurs" will say! blehhh]

Modeling the new toy =] :


some time ago, Sephora gave me a deluxe sample of Clinique's  Lash Power Mascara. when i came home, i just tossed it inside my makeup case and forgot about it until yesterday night. dont know what i was doing, probably looking for something when i stumbled upon this forgotten product. since i didnt have any mascara on, i decided to give it a try. i've always been very skeptical about using new mascaras...i dont know, i'm just really used to my Lancome Hypnose, it works well for me, so i didnt have a reason to go looking for another one right? i'm a faithful Lancome mascara user, it's been my number one brand since i started using makeup.

anyways, so i tried the sample and was pretty amazed about the results. my lashes were light weight, well defined (without me separating them), and easy to curl. plusss, it doesnt even need makeup remover, just use warm water and tadaaa...everything is gone in a blink of an eye. 

this is more natural looking than Lancome's Hypnose. i might get this one for every day use and keep my Hypnose for going out [it gives lashes a dramatic look, more like a doll].

i always tie my hair up in a bun at home =]


Anonymous said...

I m glad that u like the hat^^
I can bring her more if i go back hehe...

Miss Queenie said...

yay, i'd be so thrilled!!! but next time, you GOTTA let me pay you though..or else, i'll feel really bad. =]

heartofpearl♡ said...

you look super pretty!
cute hat:) beautiful skin :) x

Miss Queenie said...

aww thanks sweetie =]