February 16, 2009

Perfect Valentine's Day

i hope you guys had an awesome valentine's day! =] as for me, i couldnt ask for a better one teeheeee! vday is not only reserved for your significant other, it should also be shared with all your loved ones.

saturday morning, we had nothing to do, so we decided to go shopping...didnt plan to buy anything big, just a few things from Mac X Hello Kitty collection. we walked around reminiscing the past years and realized it was our 7th Valentine's day together already. walked and talked about old times. when we were younger, we used to shop every friday night...that was our little couple ritual, it felt good thinking about the old days, we felt all warm and tingly inside haha. 

a sign that we're getting old: sitting down for some rest during shopping time...

it's ok i guess, gave us time to take some silly pics and people watch. we love people watching...it's really interesting =]

my little handsome prince. i love this dude to death

ok no more pictures!!  >_<"

i had some major cravings for cupcakes that day. we were downtown and the nearest cupcake shop was "Les Glaceurs", which is in Old Montreal. wanted to take our time and eat there, but the place was jam packed with tourists & fobs (old montreal also means near chinatown, hence, the abundance of asians). thats the problem with this place, the position of this shop is so awkward. cant go there during weekdays because of downtown traffic, cant go there on the weekend cuz it's filled with tourists...oh also, parking is a pain in the ass. argghhh **frustrationnn** anyways, i still got my cupcakes and was happy even though i had to bring them home. 

Red Velvet, Vanille, Choco-Choco, Oreo, Avalanche de Brownies. i wasnt careful when i carried the box, so they were all over the place when i got home. lol

Red Velvet

Choco-Choco, Les Glaceurs' best seller


we met up with our dearest friends for dinner, 2 couples that are as long lasting as me & bb =] . had planned to go to one place, ended up not going there, decided to call other restaurants but everyone was fully booked for the night. the only place left was the usual Kanda sushi buffet, and the reservation was at freaking 8pm. everyone was fine with it, we got there at around 7:45 or something and waited at the door until around 8:30....like OMG....i HATE to wait, except my friends were there and we talked through the waiting like a breeze.
Bb, Sim, TD-1

M, Izz, Me

after dinner was the coolest part, we had planned to go watch "Confessions of a shopaholic" but didnt go cuz M didnt feel like a movie. she wanted to play...or just do something instead of just sitting there and watch a movie. so we all agreed to go to the Arcade. i didnt mind at all, it was a wonderful way to bring me back in the days when i 1st met my boyfriend. =] yeah, i met my bf here 7 years ago... surprisingly, everyone had tons of fun cuz we stayed there 2hours+
M & TD-1 racing

Sim & Izz, the bag holder and the drummer =]

*sigh* guys and their racing games

bad ass police women =D

vday didnt end there, we left the arcade at midnight to go for some refreshment at Second Cup Faubourg. sat there and talked until it was 1 or 2am, i dont even remember...
TD-1 + M [will celebrate their 7 years anniversary in June]

Sim + Izz [just celebrated their 7 years anniversary last November]

Bb + Queenie
[will celebrate our 7 years anniversary this coming March]
we sure love to be in love...i love you all so much teeheee

i'm sure many of you are curious to know what i got on Vday. so here goes nothing...
i originally planned to buy these Mac X Hello Kitty products myself, but bb insisted on paying them. =] thank you bb

he bought: Mimmy lipglass, Cute-Ster lipstick, Something About Pink nail lacquer, Tippy blush. [i added Popster lip conditioner + Vestral White nail lacquer on monday after work lol]

my bf collects these Club Monaco white collared shirts. every time a new color comes out, he HAS to buy it, i dont mind, he looks hot in them wahaha. this time, he got the green one for spring, but also added a ladies version for me [green stripes] so we could match. yayness! thank you bb =]

my prince modeling his new shirt. love it!
*he just got a haircut, he decided to leave the faux-hawk for a while, he says too many people of his entourage sport it, so he wanted to cool it off a little. it's nice to change sometimes, it makes you look refreshed/renewed. i really like it*

here goes the ULTIMATE Vday gift:
yeah yeah i know, i previously said i HATED receiving a gift card...but this time, my bf got it just right! he knows i'm on the waiting list for a few items, so instead of spending money on something i'll just "like"....he'd rather spend on something he's sure i'm gonna go crazy about. he knows me like the back of his hands. i got so hyper!!! =] babe you're the bestest of the best boyfriend in the world! if there was any award for being a great and understanding boyfriend, then you will receive all of them =]
this is what the gift card is for =] isnt it lovely? and the color's gorgeous too! i'm so anxious. i talked to my SA and she told me she isnt sure if there are more coming...she told me this is extremely limited and people got on the waiting list since last year! apparently this comes out only for Valentine's. so i dont know...now i'm just waiting...and waiting...and waiting hoping i'll get a call from her in the near future. i'm so not the right person to be told to wait...i'm too impatient! =|

***off topic***
yes i'm still crazy about Twilight and NO my love for Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson has not died yet. [personally dont think it ever will...lol] after watching the movie in the theatres, i rushed to get the book and the movie guide, BUT i also got Edward's poster =D [crazy fan girl mode on] i had a REALLY REALLY hard time finding it and when i did, it was the last one in the store!!! it was misplaced too, so i guess this poster was meant to belong to me. haha i wanted to get it framed but keep pending! i'm way too lazy to get my bombom to a frame store...

when i got back from my winter getaway,  my boyfriend surprised me with these [which i never managed to find, they were all pretty much sold out]. i love him so much it's crazy! he's so attentive it kinda freaks me out. i never talk about Twilight posters [or just twilight in general] with him because i know he's not that into this whole vampire craze, yet somehow, he knew what i searched for and what i wanted and couldnt find. he reads my mind like no one can and understands me more than anybody else. =D reasons to love him even more...

now i'm stuck with 3 posters to frame TAHAHA! *kicks myself in the derriere* oh yeah, he also bought "What Happens in Vegas" & "Transformers" dvd teehehe it definitely doesnt take much to make me happy =D

i LOVE Evian water. in my opinion, it's the best spring water EVER! others taste weird...dont tell me "water is just water, it's the same"...ummm no, it's not, i can taste the difference. my mom stocks on them and makes sure there are always some at my disposition. when traveling, she would order from room service if there aren't any in the hotel mini-fridge/bar or send hotel staff to go buy some for me. =]
my giant Evian near my bed...


M said...

the cupcakes look delish.

the red headband is from henri bendel

J said...

Queenie, your posts are always so cute and fun to read :)
Your Vday sounds like it was really fun!!

Miss Queenie said...

M: thanks, i'm gonna have to drop by there next time i'm in NYC. and yup, the cupcakes were super delicious, yet so fattening at the same time =| haha

J: i'm glad you enjoy reading here! and yeah, vday was a blast. <3 thanks for your comment

KohLepe said...

Hi Queenie :) I'm one of your blog fan ;D Saw your posts on TPF and I clicked clicked clicked away and found you here!!! You are so cute!!! Anyways ~ I'm just dropingg by to say hello and let you know and wish you and your bb a happy weekend! Stay warm!! xoxo Koh Lepe :)

stacey said...

wow such a fun night and it's everyone 7th year OO wow .
such a long relationship! good luck with those >]

Miss Queenie said...

KohLepe: Hi fellow TPFer!! =] so glad to see you here teeheeee! thanks for taking your time to comment =]

stacey: yes it was really cool, we felt like kids all over again haha yup we're old couples and me too i hope we'll all stay this way. =] thanks