February 09, 2009

Happy Happy Girlie =]

woohoo...i decided to be overactive again on blogspot, so i'm bombarding this post with lots of pictures and blabs and whatnot. =] 

see the jersey i'm sporting? isn't it awesomely rad (is it even "say-able"?)? my boyfriend is the coolest boyfriend EVER! every monday night, me & my family go out for dinner since it's the only day our restaurant is closed....but it's been a month that my bf missed on them because of late meetings. last monday, when i came home from dinner, he surprised me at my house. when i saw him, he still had his jacket on, so i asked him why he still had it on, our house is like super warm and stuff. he said "because", i saw some bright red peeking through right at his collar...so i ran over and practically raped his jacket open, only to find out he was wearing a Habs jersey. well....we werent a game night so i didnt get why he was wearing one. he took off his jacket and TADAMMMM he revealed a KOMISAREK jersey!!!!!!! =] only then did i understand the jersey was for me! total yayness, i was ecstatic and speechless and happy and jumping around like a crazy person. he wanted to capture the moment so he grabbed the camera and started shooting. ummm yeah, he sucks at taking pictures, but i loved the pix he took, really spontaneous and innocent. I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND =D

camera shy? NOT...i love cameras yoohoo
Montreal Canadiens' #8, Mike Komisarek

i dont know what i was doing...fooling around i guess
my bf and sister made me laugh really hard
he was trying to get a picture of me jumping on my bed but failed miserably =|
100 seasons/years patch
All-Star Games 2009 patch
major hair flipping weeheeee
last try...ok enough, i'm giving up =|

Some random photobooth pix from last friday
before going out FEB.06.2009
me & bb
i think at some point, couples start to look alike...no?
he was looking at the screen, totally ruined the pic =[
double BLEH
dont mess with me! the bf was hiding...
back in the picture =]
kissie kissie, love tons

since last week, my bf wouldnt stop talking about buying a stupid Xbox 360, dont get me wrong, i dont have any hard feelings towards that console, its just he already owns a PS3 and has almost all the games imaginable. so, i dont see the reason why i should be ok with him getting this one. he said the graphics were crisper and there are more games available on the market for the Xbox and not to mention, "Left 4 Dead" game. urgghhh...so i thought about it really hard and finally decided to get it for him for Valentine's Day. friday night before going out, he told me he was going to buy the xbox on saturday, i was like "WHAT???? NOOOOOO!!!" trying to give him all the reasons possible in this world why he shouldn't get it and bla bla bla...but in the end, one of his sentences killed me and all mines: "you wanted to buy it for me right?" i was like "ummmmmmmmmmmmm......NO, not at all, what made you think i was gonna buy it?" damn...he knows me too well. i ended up confirming his doubts. unfair. i cant lie. =[ so he told me not to buy it cause he still had tons of questions to ask his friends before getting it. so i was like...ummm, if i dont buy that, what should i buy then? he said he didnt want anything but i forced him to give me a hint on what i could get him as a present for vday. we then settled for a Tiffany necklace or a Gucci one. plans for saturday were set, we were going shopping =] my favorite sport. 

next day, went to Tiff only to leave with empty hands and frustrated, they didnt have the necklace he wanted. i'm really pissed, they dont have anything at our Tiffany's. thats why i always buy when i'm out of the city [bought from Tiffany's Beverly Hills, New York, Toronto & Narita Airport, Tokyo]. its sad, but the store in Narita Airport is like triple the size of ours... =[ so we decided to check out the men's accessories section at Holts, we saw some really nice Gucci necklaces online. the SA told me they dont have anything from Gucci for spring yet, maybe in a couple of weeks, or months, he wasnt sure. we were soooooo pissed by now. anyways, thats that.

while going down De La Montagne, i had to stop at LV to see if my stuff have arrived. the Wilshire Boulevard is there all right, but they only released it in Orange Sunset, i tried it on and it felt so good. =] the bag felt right in my arms haha. and also checked the Heart Coin Purse as well, but that one too, they only had it in Orange Sunset and not Rose Pop. i cant wait until the day the shipment comes in.

we then came back to the malls and dropped by this jewelry store specializing in watches, we looked around and this beauty caught our eyes. my bf tried it on and it was love. awesome! he's found something he likes, so i bought it for him as a Vday gift. =]
Hugo Boss "HB 162"
modeled on him =D

very random, but i didnt get the chance to show you guys my look for the office's Xmas party =] Audrey Hepburn styled LBD, hair improvised by me, makeup by me. japanese pearls & ice. =D

clearer view of my hair
how i got it done? tons of bobby pins and hairspray teehee

a month or so ago, i received my L'Oreal beauty kit from MatchStick, i was really excited to try the products out. but when i did, i was so disappointed! the beauty tubes (mascara) didnt do anything as it should've except one thing, it was easily washable with warm water. after applying the white primer and the mascara, my lashes were UNcurlable, heavy and wasnt any longer. anyways, nice concept though...you can try it out if you want, i heard it's really cheap, like more than 1/2 the price of my Lancome one. i'm not using those mascaras ever, but the rest of the products' really cool. =] thank you MatchStick!!!

me loveee strawberries, so my mom always make sure i bring some everyday at the office. she washes them and gets rid of the leaves for me and puts them in the tupperware for me. i just need to remember to grab the container before going to work in the morning. =] i love my mommy...


Anonymous said...

hello, about your lashes, i don't know if this link will help you. But if you have time, go check this youtube vid from EnKoreMakeup and give it a try. If it doesn't work, well my bad...at least I tried... =3

Miss Queenie said...

Anonymous: thank you for the link to that video. i never had a problem curling my lashes though. it's only because i used the L'Oreal Beauty Tubes (mascara) they sent me. that mascara was too heavy and not like the ones i usually use. but thanks anyways...i'll try it sometimes. =)

Tiffany said...

Your so lucky! i don't know anything else to say >.>
It seems like you live such a wonderful life =P

.. and i heard that the Xbox 360 breaks down a lot =\
i think you boyfriend should stick with his PS3
Japan brand > American brand

Anonymous said...

whats the name of the song on your blog?

stacey said...

you gone hyper~!
haha x]
i love your christmas look!! you look so beautified x]
and wow i think it's the longest post you posted? lol x]

Miss Queenie said...

Tiffany: ...i guess i am pretty lucky and i'm thankful for everything! =] i dont know if my life looks wonderful or not, i'm just really really satisfied with it. i couldnt ask for a better one. =p

really? the xbox breaks down often??? i knew it, and i always thought japanese products > american products haha! =] thanks for the heads up

anonymous: 1st song playing is "Say (all i need)" by One Republic
2nd song is "Breathe Me" by Sia
3rd song is "Eyes on Fire" by Blue Foundation
i'm freaking in love with all these songs, especially "Say", enjoy! =]

Stacey: i know eh!!! thanks for the compliment! =] and YUP, this was a hella long post! next post with be as long too i think weeee =]