January 05, 2009


sorry for not posting as often as i'd like to. my schedule has been more than crazy in the last few days. i left Montreal on the 30th at freaking 3:00 in the morning and got to Trudeau at 4. since its an international flight, the 3 hours are a must for all the baggage checkins and customs and boarding procedures. i really have no patience at all, and the waiting in line just totally killed me. i flew from Montreal to Dallas (Fort Worth Airport) for the first transfer. we usually take Japan Airline at Chicago, but that path was all booked, so we HAD to take AA, which i totally HATE!!! the positive side was there was practically no waiting at Dallas though and we didnt need to change gates. then from there, we took another AA plane to Narita Aiport (Tokyo), the flight was a killer flight that kept us a whole 13 hours and a half at 58 000 ft in the air. i've done it numerous times before, but my bum never really got used to it and was hurting like there's no tomorrow. although it hurt, just thinking i'd be shopping at the japanese airport made me happy! we had a total of 2 hours there, but the line-up for our new boarding passes took us like forever so we only had a mere 30 minutes left for shopping there and getting to our gate. umm...yeah walked around the stores...we had like 5-10 minutes for each store, so it was more like flying through them...cant even call that walking. in the end, my mom only bought a Shu Uemura lash curler for me. looked at the watch, and it was already boarding time. so we headed to our gate, thinking it was somewhat nearby...HA, nearby my ass, it was like 54745214365468431 miles away from the shopping area! suddenly, i heard a lady call out the last warning for our flight, only then we realized how late we were. almost 15 minutes late. we RAN through the hall to our gate, we were greeted by a JAL hostess standing waving at us like crazy. they checked our boarding passes in such a hurry, they probably wouldnt even realize if we were missing one. ran to the plane, then hurried to our seats. put everything in the overhead compartment, sat down, buckled our belts...and within not even 2 minutes, the plane roared to life...that means, the whole plane was waiting on us...and only us! haha we nearly missed it. pheww....that was a close one. so the flight from Japan to Hanoi was only 6:00...thats nothing, i really enjoyed my flight, cause it was JAL =) the stewardess are always very courteous and polite and they're all very pretty too. oh and the meals are always excellent. nobody beats Japan Airlines (i tried a few, AirCanada, Canjet, Air Transat, American Airlines, American Eagle, British Airways, Air France, Thai Airways, Vietnam Airlines). arrived at Noi Bai International Airport at approximately 10pm-ish. went through customs in a blink but the waiting at the baggage claim was a little hectic. 2 planes came in at the same time, ours and the other one was from Korean Air, the area was jam packed...great! more people AND more waiting. the baggage claim is always a stressful time for me, i'm always scared they lose my stuff, or people stealing my luggage. but all ended well, after around 45 mins, we were out, warmly greeted by our extended family! the smile on their faces made me forget about my 28 hours+ journey. =) i was happy to see them too.

we stayed at the Sofitel Plaza in Hanoi, was only in the city for 4 days though...time flew by real quick, i'm now already in HoChiMinh Ville. will upload some pix from Hanoi in a few days. i'll keep you guys posted. this post was mainly for the flight and stuff. next one will be on Hanoi...and when i come back, it'll be about HCM.

see you soon!

p.s. Happy Belated New Year =) i wish you all the best of luck and health and wealth for 2009! please be well.

***edit: looks like i've made numerous mistakes with some details such as flight lengths in my post, got scolded by my little sister (who has better memory than i).


Stacey said...

ROFL~! sound like a dashing trip in japan. haha!
but glad you made it safely.
mhmm i wish to be in vietnam now :( my cousin just left for vietnam on new year. man the plane ride is crazy. nothing to do so boring. hope you have a safe and great trip :)

Miss Queenie said...

Stacey: yeah eh? fab trip in Japan. haha me too i was damn glad we made it on time. if we'd missed it, there'd more waiting and complications arghhh. yeah the plane ride IS frikken long and boring. i think i watched 3 movies, slept and woke up about 20 times, and we still weren't there yet (japan/hanoi flight).

thank youuu =)

miemiemie said...

aww thanks :) why haven't you been updating woman! update already! haha

maddy said...

I love JAL too! And I agree about the food! Did your flight have the snack bar too? I ate so much dark chocolate Pocky haha. Cathay Pacific has good food too.

p.s. I love your blog. I came here from soompi, that's lucky you get beauty companies sending you free products! But I don't have anything interesting to write about.

Miss Queenie said...

miemiemie: you're very welcome..and btwi just updated missy!!! ;)

maddy: JAL totally rocks mannn! love them! no my plane did not have a snack bar, but they kept feeding us like pigs though. it's a smaller plane than what i usually take...so i dunno

aww well thank you for taking your time to read all the crap i have to say hehehe and yeah it's awesome to receive beauty products...BUT that also means i'm kinda like their lab rat haha