January 22, 2009

Broken Promise

Hi readers!!! i feel bad saying this, but i'm going to break my promise. i'm postponing my trip pictures posts because i didnt get the chance to resize them all yet. some are done, but it's like batches here and there, and its gonna be too confusing for me to organize afterwards, so i would rather wait until every single picture is done before posting any. those on my facebook will be more privileged as i will post more there. =]

so this post will be about this and that... scattered things and random subjects all mixed together, hope you dont mind.

for those who are closer to me, you have probably heard me b*tch about how i lost my Burberry Border Check in Candy Check right? i dont remember very clearly, but i think it was some time before the holidays. it happened after a dinner with my family at our regular restaurant in chinatown. i dont know how it happened, i probably forgot it there and some random girl must have found it and claim it hers (you shall perish in hell!!). i loved that scarf so much, because it's vintage 2007 and also because it was matching my boyfriend's Blue Bell one. =( BUT because 2009 has just started and asian new year is in a few days, i will be nice and forgive the heartless girl. 

my boyfriend's so awesome, he gave me a new one for Xmas! wheeeee =D he got me the Burberry Giant Check cashmere scarf. he bought one for himself as well, so we're matching again!! Yay! yes me and my bf like to match..hehehe mine is the lighter one, the specific color is Trench Check and his is in the fashion house's regular nova check colors.

i got him these for Xmas...so he could match with my Guccissima peeptoes =D he looks hot wearing them.

another gift from baby. Miss Sixty leather boots. he was debating whether he should buy high heeled boots or these, but ended up getting these since he said i had too many high heeled ones.

some awesome gift from my little sister!!! "No Paparazzi" beauty sleep mask in shiny silver. i was sporting these on the plane during my trip because, well, i rock =D

Pink crystal studded luggage tag that slung on my Neverfull the whole time i was away. (btw, my bag doubled fine as a carry-on. it held so much: New Moon hardcover, wallet, mini pochette accessoires, leather makeup case, mesh makeup case, shawl, huge noise canceling headphones, a spare velour hoodie etc etc)

Chocolate recipe cards! yay! she knows i like to bake...even though i dont really know how... well except for cupcakes. =)

picked these awesome magazines at Narita Aiport, oh how i loveeeee japanese mags. they are full of outfit pictures, kawaii stuff and also jammed with makeup tutorials. they didnt have my favorite one though, Vivi. also, i pay the regular price when i buy there (which is about 4-5$ USD), unlike when i buy them in montreal, they run for about 30$ CAD. and maybe you guys did not notice it, but Japan is one of the few countries who gets new releases, handbag-wise, before everybody else. i think their fashion is really advanced. for example, fringes were in for them in 2006-2007 i think and was only featured as a trend on our runways for fall 08. 

*oh and also, the models are so damn pretty that i wanna suicide when i look at myself in the mirror afterwards T_T"*

Sweet magazine included a Charlotte Ronson pink leopard tote. yay! perfect as a lunch bag as it is not that huge or to pair with a white summer dress =) leopard + pink = l o v e 

***EXCITED*** in this February issue of CanCam, i spotted these pages. the new vernis handbag and colors caught my eyes instantly! the coin purse is adorable too. i loved them at first sight! so on Tuesday, i decided to call my LV store here in Montreal to inquire about it. the Wilshire Boulevard bag (1st picture & 2nd picture) is not yet released here. i am, once again, the 1st on the waiting list. about the Heart Coin Purse, it's out and sold out already, so i'm also on the waiting list for that one. both items are going to be in Rose Pop. the SA told me i will be notified as soon as the store receives them. i'm so excited and happy!!! i cannot wait. i know my boyfriend is not as content as myself because i just got 2 handbags for my bday. but i asked him really really nicely if i could buy it and he said yes. well...i called LV and got waitlisted first and then asked him..but that's just a tiny detail right? =)
the kawaii Wilshire Boulevard in Rose Pop Vernis
yup, she's holding the one i want! in Rose Pop. it totally looks like candy. =)

BONUS: Damier Eva Clutch featured =)

BONUS: Damier Neverfull (PM though) featured.

i guess it will be all for today's update! see you ladies later!

p.s. don't get near me, i'm slowly getting sick. sore throat, coughing & crap. =(


heartofpearl♡ said...

i love love your miss sixty boots, im saving for a high heeled one but need to save for japan instead boo! you look gorgeous as always:) x

miemiemie said...

aww i hope you feel better soon dear. oh and i love the boots as well..and the "skinny bitch" luggage tag.hahaha hot!

when i read your entry title i gasped..i thought you broke up with the bf! hahaha sorry for thinking that way.and sorry to hear about your scarf. blah, lucky bitch who got it. she should have returned it to the restaurant's management so that you can claim it. blah

Miss Queenie said...

heartofpearl: thanks girl, they're really growing on me. they give me a rock chick look hahaha oh when are you going to japan?

miemiemie: me too i hope so, i feel so useless when i'm sick...and i hate feeling that way. T_T"

the tag is so cool, i love it hehehe. and lol about the bf thing haha. i like giving my entries unusual titles wheee (that sometimes has nothing to do with my post haha). i wish there were more nice people in the world.

Katrina said...

thanks for following my blog hun.. nice blog u have. :) have a good day!