December 10, 2008

Snow Dreams?

in my life, i've met a lot of people who wish they could see/touch/feel real snow. i guess i can somewhat understand's beautiful isnt it? and also, Christmas just isn't Christmas without the extra white coating. in the movies, it looks so magical and romantic and all.

but guess what!! it's EVIL i tell you! it makes people wake up earlier in the morning so they have enough time to dig their car out from under that cute pile of white puff! at times, the snow is still soft, so you'll just have to kinda "dust" your car. other times, it's frozen like an icicle. yeah, people have to scrape with these tiny scrapers until they get rid of all the ice on their car. 

luckily, we still have "Blue Collars" to get rid of most part of the snow on the street. then again, they just shove the snow to the side of the streets, where the cars are parked. so it's a big dilemma, either they do that and you'll just have to dig your car out OR they leave the snow on the street and no cars can drive at all. 

well lucky for me i have an indoor garage, so i dont have to deal with all this crap in the morning. BUT, that doesnt mean i dont have to wake up at least 1 hour in advance. all because everybody drives at 35km/hour when the cute snow has settled on the ground.

here's an example of how EVIL snow can be:
my car, parked at my office's parking lot in the morning
this is the gift i get at the end of the work day
i'm tired and i just wanna get the hell out of here,
but awww, i CANT, because i have to get rid off all this white evil on my car!!!
how pretty huh?!? it took me 1 1/2 hour to get home...where as usually, it's only around 30-40 minutes. and thats WITHOUT traffic
couldnt find my fur hat this morning, so i just pulled this one out of my closet.

oh yeah, pix from my boyfirend's bday will be up on the next post. i really look forward to posting them. i'm the best girlfriend a guy can ever dream of! hehehe

and update on my trip to VN, well, we didnt get the Sofitel Metropole because they couldnt fulfill our room requirements. almost everything is booked there, i believe the Opera Wing is almost full. we should've decided earlier. and we're not going back to the Hilton cuz my parents want to try new hotels. i dont know whats going on anymore. so confused. will update once i have a solid answer on this matter. i must admit it kinda bothers me not knowing. T_T"   it's so stressful. I usually decide. but since it's a little rushed this whole VN thing, they decided to take matters into their own hands. i trust my parents, i believe they wont decide anything that will make me miserable or uncomfortable...

what else....oh, this weekend, i need to go find something to wear for my office's Xmas party. i hate shopping this time of the year, its so chaotic... too many people in the malls it drives me insane. i dont like big crowds. and the people are so rude too, i cant see the holiday spirit in anyone i've crossed paths with the last time i went shopping (saturday). seems like they're too rushed and stressed and panicky, so they walk all over my personal bubble...urggghhhh

ok enough ramblings for today. hope i dont bore you guys!...

p.s. soooooo many silent readers...


Tiffany said...

oh wow!.. snowing that much already?!?!

I live in the Toronto area and we have like a thin layer of snow. The weather is pretty crazy.. because it had been raining a couple of days before then it started to snow a bit.
I even almost forgot how it feels to have 3 ft of snow!

and I love you hat! it's really cute.. where did you get it? I'm in desperate need of a new hat O_o

Miss Queenie said...

Tiffany: yupsterrr...too much snow, i dont even know why i still live here! >_<" my grand-parents live in TO, and they tell me they dont get as much snow as in mtl. its chaotic on the streets, seems like people have gone berzerk!

i bought this hat like 2 years ago at Smart Set i think (because i worked at the head office, so they had sample sales and stuff). i'm sure you can find this type of hat at Aldo Accessories, UO or something like that.