December 12, 2008

Perfect Girlfriend

last friday, December 5th, we went out to dinner for my bf's bday (real date is the 6th). i gave him a bunch of restaurants for him to choose from. finally, he picked Rib 'N Reef on Decarie. hmmm...i dont recommend this place for those who are looking for a romantic dinner though. i've made reservations 5 days prior to the date and asked them for a more isolated table and mentioned that it was going to be for my bf's bday, they said no prob and jotted down the infos. Pro: Valet Service, didnt need to walk in the parking lot and get cold. Con: my bf hates when people touch his car. when we walked in, the host knew exactly who we were and was expecting us. Pro: Coat Check. Con: none. he directed us to our reserved table, which was a banquette for 4 in a cozy corner with nice lighting over us. Pro: spacious table and seating area. Con: atmosphere is too loud, the majority of the clientele are businessmen and old elegant retirees. not as quiet as i wished, it's high end alright, but it's still a steak house. the food was good...but the portions are wayyyy too big. my bf had 16 oz steak with a potage du jour. i had freshly sliced fried calamari (enough for 4 had to help me) & grilled Tiger shrimps as main dish. Pro: good food. Con: crazy portions. Pro: very attentive waiters. ours catered to our every need and demands. he brought bb's cake right on time when he finished his dish. overall experience: satisfying enough..more pros than cons, so we would definitely go back.

on december 6th, bb had his office's Xmas Party at Radisson Hotel, so only came back at around 10pm or so. we waited patiently at T's house for his arrival. after going through all the gifts from our closest friends, we got to the last one, which was mine. i was as excited as him for some reason. i wanted to see his reactions to the present i had carefully chosen and arranged for him. 

so, everybody who knows my bf well enough (and knows hockey enough) will know that he is a H U G E fan of the Finnish Flash TEEMU SELANNE. #8 and playing for Anaheim's team, Ducks. they won last year's Stanley case you were living under a rock and had no idea about this. bb has been a fan of Selanne since like...forever. he knows his stats almost by heart and can answer any trivia question about the veteran.

so....................i got him...............................
drumroll please...............

an autographed Stanley Cup Champion Hat
+ an autographed Happy Bday sign
PLUS a picture of Selanne holding the Bday sign he autographed for my boyfriend! =]

so yeah....i am pretty much the most awesomess girlfriend a guy could ever wish for. =) we live in Montreal, Canada by the way.....east coast right? Selanne plays for a Californian team, which means west coast.....we're in different countries even. he's a NHL superstar and yet i still manage to get my bf the best bday present ever! god...i'm setting the bar really high right now, i wonder how i'm gonna keep up for next year. T_T" earning the "BEST GIRLFRIEND ON EARTH" title was easy for me, but to always keep's getting me dizzy just thinking about it haha
oh, on top of that, i also got him his "Seal" coat from Mackage. i love spoiling my man.

off topic but, today, i went to pick up my new eyeglasses! i'm so happy, i really like them! and i didnt even have to pay for them. my mom did, she took all my cards remember??? haha

they are Prada...model: 19IV
color: black + pink interior + Pink Swarovski crystals
love love love them

tra la la....see ya!

p.s. the rest of the pix from my boyfriend's bday is posted on my facebook! check it out!!! =)


angelz said...

hii! i'm from soompi :P my username is may have seen me around lol.
i've been a lurker long enough on here so decided to finally comment! how on earth did you get the stuff autographed?? you 2 make such a cute couple =)

Tiffany said...

really nice glasses, don't see much nice ones around =[

and what a unique gift for your boyfriend... you really know him well =)
but yea.. i'm also from soompi too =P
and you mentioned you've been with him for a long time?
have you ever thought of tying the knot?
knowing how much nice stuff you have.. I think you deserve a princess like wedding >.<

Miss Queenie said...

angelz: well hello there fellow soompier! =) glad you finally decide to "show up" hehe

for the autographed stuff, it's all about contacts =) made arrangements with someone from Anaheim. i mean as long as you're willing to spend, then SOMEBODY's gonna get the job done. you gotta trust them with your money too.

Tiffany: thanks! me too i had a really hard time looking for nice ones, but these ones, i just fell in love when i first saw them.

yeah i know him pretty well, we've been together since march it'll be our 7th year anniversary in 2009!!! its so freaky...of course we thought of getting hitched, maybe in 2 years. cuz i think i'm still too dependant on my parents. haha

thanks for the comments guys!