December 21, 2008

Old School / New School

so, yesterday was me & my friends' xmas party/gift exchange. the budget was a mere 25$, but everyone seemed to be satisfied with their presents. i think it did help that we listed 5 items of that value for people to choose from. we did tons of childish games but it was so much fun! =) 

i would've never guessed that the one who picked my name was my own sister!! after i opened my gift, she reminded me what i said that same morning before going out. "The one who picked me better get me "New Moon", or else, he or she really doesnt know a thing about me" + the attitude.

well, i got New Moon now, all i gotta do is finish up the last chapter of Twilight. i should've been done with the 1st book earlier...but i lack time, so i try to squeeze it into my schedule only when i can. anyways, i'm HAPPY!!!!!! thx amy! you do know me. haha

oh yeah, remember the previous post where i said my camera was dying on me? well, here's your chance to take a last peek at it before it gets buried. although it has been a great companion for these whole 2 years, sometimes, you just gotta learn to let go.
RIP my dear Cybershot, you will be missed. -___-

out with the Old School, in with the New School! =) so the other one died, it was sad, until my mom came home with my new toy. yayness! i like it, sleek and simple. yup, i like it a lot. my office's Xmas party was friday, so my mom bought this baby just on time. got home friday afternoon, and there it was, laying on my pillow. i love you mommy!

so friday night, JoJo just noticed that i dont have my Iphone anymore and asked me why. i told her i was fed up with it and it got boring!

"the IPHONE.....BORING?" she asked
"well yeah! i dont like it anymore!" i told her
***rolls eyes at me "You are unbelievable!"

well, i told her this one was much better than the Iphone (even if its just a temp)and she said how?
ummm....5 mpx camera is enough to beat everything about the Iphone i think. (but some no life would want to start an argument in my comment box haha! again.)
i just owned it to see how it felt, but behhh...everyone seems to have it, i got bored.

so here are 2 shots i took with the N95:
(much better quality than the 2 mpx Iphone)
my bf was actually testing his 8 mpx Innov8 with my 5 mpx N95...
i'll post the pix he took to compare once he uploads them

saturday afternoon, before going to our xmas party

random pix, just testing the new camera:

awww, my little baby Tatsu =)

p.s. both Xmas Parties pix will be up once i get less lazy. =) tootoo for now


miemiemie said...

aww cute tatsu :) my dad has a nokia n95 as well and he loves it :) but as for me, i've had numerous nokia fones..but i hate N-series phones..i have the n73 and it sucks..the features are fine but the program sucks so much..they're slow and they have problems all the time..i upgraded my program by downloading the firmware blahblah from nokia's website..but still this damn fone is slow..the only reason i'm keeping it coz it has 3g and its a triband fone, i used it back in the US but i still hate its slowness..grr oh well, sorry for my blabbing here..haha

lele said...

cou cou hehe ,salut ! je devais créer 1 compte pour pouvoir te comuniquer hehe ^.^
cava toi ? j'ai été au courant que tu vas venir au VN . génial ! mais tant pis T.T , je n'ai pu pas te rencontrer .
bon , ben bonne année à toi et ta famille ^.^

Katrina said...

aww we have the same dog! :)

Miss Queenie said...

miemiemie: blabbing is fine, dont worry, thats why we have the comment box hahaha i've never used any other nokias, but this one seems fine for now =)

lele: salut petite!! je vais tres bien. ou es-tu rendue sur la planete? encore en france ou es-tu retournee au VN? j'etais au vietnam du 30 decembre jusqu'au 15 janvier. contente de te voir ici!!

katrina: yorkies are the best =)