December 05, 2008

Holiday Getaway

greetings dear readers. a very short post to let you guys know that me & my family will be going to Vietnam for the upcoming Winter Holidays. we're leaving Montreal on December 30th and will be back only on January 16th. we're there only for a short time though and will be sharing our time 50/50 between Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh city. i can't wait to see my family again! i'm very excited. 

in Hanoi, we'll most likely be staying at the Sofitel Metropole. this hotel is pretty convenient since it has Louis Vuitton, Cartier & Ferragamo right downstairs. and i know Longchamp is pretty near there too =). it's in the French Quarter, thats why it bears the french colonial style. if this doesnt work out, there's still our beloved Hilton Opera. about HCM....i dont know. we will probably stay at my uncle's house. but i prefer a hotel because i dont like to bother people around me. 

i'm pretty excited, but it totally sucks that my bf cannot come with me due to work. oh well, we'll be going with his family next summer i think. we'll make it up =)

front entrance
white facade, french colonial style
club floor (executive floor) room in the new Opera wing
 at night
pool/garden at night


Anonymous said...

That sounds amazing, have a fabulous time!

Anonymous said...

wow.... That's're so rich@@@@

jeSmakeup said...

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