December 21, 2008

Old School / New School

so, yesterday was me & my friends' xmas party/gift exchange. the budget was a mere 25$, but everyone seemed to be satisfied with their presents. i think it did help that we listed 5 items of that value for people to choose from. we did tons of childish games but it was so much fun! =) 

i would've never guessed that the one who picked my name was my own sister!! after i opened my gift, she reminded me what i said that same morning before going out. "The one who picked me better get me "New Moon", or else, he or she really doesnt know a thing about me" + the attitude.

well, i got New Moon now, all i gotta do is finish up the last chapter of Twilight. i should've been done with the 1st book earlier...but i lack time, so i try to squeeze it into my schedule only when i can. anyways, i'm HAPPY!!!!!! thx amy! you do know me. haha

oh yeah, remember the previous post where i said my camera was dying on me? well, here's your chance to take a last peek at it before it gets buried. although it has been a great companion for these whole 2 years, sometimes, you just gotta learn to let go.
RIP my dear Cybershot, you will be missed. -___-

out with the Old School, in with the New School! =) so the other one died, it was sad, until my mom came home with my new toy. yayness! i like it, sleek and simple. yup, i like it a lot. my office's Xmas party was friday, so my mom bought this baby just on time. got home friday afternoon, and there it was, laying on my pillow. i love you mommy!

so friday night, JoJo just noticed that i dont have my Iphone anymore and asked me why. i told her i was fed up with it and it got boring!

"the IPHONE.....BORING?" she asked
"well yeah! i dont like it anymore!" i told her
***rolls eyes at me "You are unbelievable!"

well, i told her this one was much better than the Iphone (even if its just a temp)and she said how?
ummm....5 mpx camera is enough to beat everything about the Iphone i think. (but some no life would want to start an argument in my comment box haha! again.)
i just owned it to see how it felt, but behhh...everyone seems to have it, i got bored.

so here are 2 shots i took with the N95:
(much better quality than the 2 mpx Iphone)
my bf was actually testing his 8 mpx Innov8 with my 5 mpx N95...
i'll post the pix he took to compare once he uploads them

saturday afternoon, before going to our xmas party

random pix, just testing the new camera:

awww, my little baby Tatsu =)

p.s. both Xmas Parties pix will be up once i get less lazy. =) tootoo for now

December 14, 2008


is it normal for me to be blushing when reading a book? or looking at a picture? ughhh its so annoying, i feel like a crazy 14 year old fan girl whenever the words Edward Cullen aka Robert Pattinson are mentioned. i need to find myself a rehab center thats specific to OCD (Obsessive Cullen Disorder) patients. T_T" i've been dazzled by a hobo hahaha! bought his poster and i'm waiting for it to be framed. thats how crazy i am about Rob.  ok enough about blushing for my hot vampire.

friday night, after work, me & my boyfriend went shopping as planned. even though the streets were crazy jammed and so are the malls, we still decided to go, mainly because i desperately needed a dress for the office's Xmas party and him, he still wanted to look for winter boots. 

i knew my task was heavier than my bf, so i let him go look for boots first. he was quick, picked up a pair of Energie leather "boots". i tried to convince him that they weren't made for winter and told him he could only buy them if he was gonna add thermal insoles. so we agreed on that. then was my turn to look for my dress. dont know what i did, but i wandered in the shoe section instead...ummm bad idea, my SA told me he has a perfect pair for me and brought them out. he knows me and knows my taste. so yeah, i tried them on, exactly after 2 minutes, i was at the cash finishing the transaction. tsk tsk tsk...i thought not having plastic on me was gonna do me good. oh well, liquid does the job just as well. kiss kissed the SA and off i went. my bf had nothing to say nor do but to shake his head rolling his eyes. i was so happy i was almost skipping. shoes make me happy. =) 

we got to the stores at around 7:45pm and they close at 9:00pm. within that time frame, i've been stopped countless times by random people. they came up to me, shooting me numerous compliments on how elegant i looked and what nice coat i have. what brand and where i bought my coat, and where i got my boots. gorgeous bag i'm wearing and if i bought it here in Montreal. people who are close to me KNOW that i do not take compliments and flatteries very well. the thing is, people always get me off guard because when i walk, i dont really look at people, i just focus on walking straight to the desired destination. so it always surprises me when someone taps on my shoulder to say such things. i try to stay graceful through my shyness, but i always end up bright red and mumble a quick answer before flying off. or, there's also the on-to-the-next-subject trick that i've mastered pretty well too. but that's reserved for people who are closer to me. =)

for the curious ones who want to know what i was wearing on friday night:
-"Ivy" puffy coat by Mackage (StyleXchange)
-novelty boucle beret by H&M
-Retro Assassin boy cut tee by Ra (Suteki)
-leggings by Calvin Klein
-tall slouchy boots by Zara
-Damier Neverfull by Louis Vuitton (Ogilvy)

yup, thats me in the car.
sorry it's kinda blurry from the motion and all
new babies =)
Gucci Sunset in Brown Guccissima
(matches my boyfriend's wallet weeheee)
besides them being Gucci, they are PEEP TOES!!! my all time favorite type of heels. i love my SA! for those who want to get the same online, carries them in black or beige.

so yeah, after the shoe and compliments hype, i had only 20 minutes left to find myself a dress. being the professional shopaholic i am, it was mission accomplished when i stumbled upon a Hepburn inspired number. its black, clean cut, simple and elegant. the hem hits around 2 inches below my knees, a little too long for my taste, but that can be arranged by my tailor. 

so yeah, our plans were steady for saturday, whatever we wanted to do, we had to drop my dress off at our usual tailor (he's Saku Koivu's personal tailor and surely beats the one at Holt's). i tried it in front of him and my boyfriend and had let him know i want it to go mini, but guess what, he REFUSED! like completely. he asked me in his heavy European accent (i'm gonna use this word cause i cant exactly pin point which one it is): "What does your husband think about this?" "He dont like it this short" "Too much show skin, your husband dont like" hahaha my boyfriend was sitting on the leather couch, just agreeing with him nodding insanely. so yeah, they were 2 against me, i had to admit my defeat. so it's only going to be 2" higher than my knees. oh my boyfriend is happy! because he will not be at the party, he just wants to make sure i'm covered. yeah...whatever =] haha no really, he doesnt have to worry, i refuse to look like that **** i've, unfortunately, had the chance to witness from certain Xmas party picture last year. ewww.

now that i have the dress, i'm slightly more relaxed. still missing a few accessories, but shoes and handbag, i've already covered. =] my mind is somewhat at peace now. just wondering what hairstyle i should do. i'm usually like this:

so any suggestions readers?

p.s. got rid of the Iphone. =] haha sucker! currently using my bf's old black N95, he bought a new baby, the Samsung Innov8. i'm in search of a new phone, debating whether or not to get the N96...but the N97 is on it's way yeah. at least, its a 5 mpx. oh yeah, talking about megapixels, my camera's dead, need a new one. fast. mommyyyyyyyyy =]

December 12, 2008

Perfect Girlfriend

last friday, December 5th, we went out to dinner for my bf's bday (real date is the 6th). i gave him a bunch of restaurants for him to choose from. finally, he picked Rib 'N Reef on Decarie. hmmm...i dont recommend this place for those who are looking for a romantic dinner though. i've made reservations 5 days prior to the date and asked them for a more isolated table and mentioned that it was going to be for my bf's bday, they said no prob and jotted down the infos. Pro: Valet Service, didnt need to walk in the parking lot and get cold. Con: my bf hates when people touch his car. when we walked in, the host knew exactly who we were and was expecting us. Pro: Coat Check. Con: none. he directed us to our reserved table, which was a banquette for 4 in a cozy corner with nice lighting over us. Pro: spacious table and seating area. Con: atmosphere is too loud, the majority of the clientele are businessmen and old elegant retirees. not as quiet as i wished, it's high end alright, but it's still a steak house. the food was good...but the portions are wayyyy too big. my bf had 16 oz steak with a potage du jour. i had freshly sliced fried calamari (enough for 4 had to help me) & grilled Tiger shrimps as main dish. Pro: good food. Con: crazy portions. Pro: very attentive waiters. ours catered to our every need and demands. he brought bb's cake right on time when he finished his dish. overall experience: satisfying enough..more pros than cons, so we would definitely go back.

on december 6th, bb had his office's Xmas Party at Radisson Hotel, so only came back at around 10pm or so. we waited patiently at T's house for his arrival. after going through all the gifts from our closest friends, we got to the last one, which was mine. i was as excited as him for some reason. i wanted to see his reactions to the present i had carefully chosen and arranged for him. 

so, everybody who knows my bf well enough (and knows hockey enough) will know that he is a H U G E fan of the Finnish Flash TEEMU SELANNE. #8 and playing for Anaheim's team, Ducks. they won last year's Stanley case you were living under a rock and had no idea about this. bb has been a fan of Selanne since like...forever. he knows his stats almost by heart and can answer any trivia question about the veteran.

so....................i got him...............................
drumroll please...............

an autographed Stanley Cup Champion Hat
+ an autographed Happy Bday sign
PLUS a picture of Selanne holding the Bday sign he autographed for my boyfriend! =]

so yeah....i am pretty much the most awesomess girlfriend a guy could ever wish for. =) we live in Montreal, Canada by the way.....east coast right? Selanne plays for a Californian team, which means west coast.....we're in different countries even. he's a NHL superstar and yet i still manage to get my bf the best bday present ever! god...i'm setting the bar really high right now, i wonder how i'm gonna keep up for next year. T_T" earning the "BEST GIRLFRIEND ON EARTH" title was easy for me, but to always keep's getting me dizzy just thinking about it haha
oh, on top of that, i also got him his "Seal" coat from Mackage. i love spoiling my man.

off topic but, today, i went to pick up my new eyeglasses! i'm so happy, i really like them! and i didnt even have to pay for them. my mom did, she took all my cards remember??? haha

they are Prada...model: 19IV
color: black + pink interior + Pink Swarovski crystals
love love love them

tra la la....see ya!

p.s. the rest of the pix from my boyfriend's bday is posted on my facebook! check it out!!! =)

December 10, 2008

Snow Dreams?

in my life, i've met a lot of people who wish they could see/touch/feel real snow. i guess i can somewhat understand's beautiful isnt it? and also, Christmas just isn't Christmas without the extra white coating. in the movies, it looks so magical and romantic and all.

but guess what!! it's EVIL i tell you! it makes people wake up earlier in the morning so they have enough time to dig their car out from under that cute pile of white puff! at times, the snow is still soft, so you'll just have to kinda "dust" your car. other times, it's frozen like an icicle. yeah, people have to scrape with these tiny scrapers until they get rid of all the ice on their car. 

luckily, we still have "Blue Collars" to get rid of most part of the snow on the street. then again, they just shove the snow to the side of the streets, where the cars are parked. so it's a big dilemma, either they do that and you'll just have to dig your car out OR they leave the snow on the street and no cars can drive at all. 

well lucky for me i have an indoor garage, so i dont have to deal with all this crap in the morning. BUT, that doesnt mean i dont have to wake up at least 1 hour in advance. all because everybody drives at 35km/hour when the cute snow has settled on the ground.

here's an example of how EVIL snow can be:
my car, parked at my office's parking lot in the morning
this is the gift i get at the end of the work day
i'm tired and i just wanna get the hell out of here,
but awww, i CANT, because i have to get rid off all this white evil on my car!!!
how pretty huh?!? it took me 1 1/2 hour to get home...where as usually, it's only around 30-40 minutes. and thats WITHOUT traffic
couldnt find my fur hat this morning, so i just pulled this one out of my closet.

oh yeah, pix from my boyfirend's bday will be up on the next post. i really look forward to posting them. i'm the best girlfriend a guy can ever dream of! hehehe

and update on my trip to VN, well, we didnt get the Sofitel Metropole because they couldnt fulfill our room requirements. almost everything is booked there, i believe the Opera Wing is almost full. we should've decided earlier. and we're not going back to the Hilton cuz my parents want to try new hotels. i dont know whats going on anymore. so confused. will update once i have a solid answer on this matter. i must admit it kinda bothers me not knowing. T_T"   it's so stressful. I usually decide. but since it's a little rushed this whole VN thing, they decided to take matters into their own hands. i trust my parents, i believe they wont decide anything that will make me miserable or uncomfortable...

what else....oh, this weekend, i need to go find something to wear for my office's Xmas party. i hate shopping this time of the year, its so chaotic... too many people in the malls it drives me insane. i dont like big crowds. and the people are so rude too, i cant see the holiday spirit in anyone i've crossed paths with the last time i went shopping (saturday). seems like they're too rushed and stressed and panicky, so they walk all over my personal bubble...urggghhhh

ok enough ramblings for today. hope i dont bore you guys!...

p.s. soooooo many silent readers...

December 05, 2008

Holiday Getaway

greetings dear readers. a very short post to let you guys know that me & my family will be going to Vietnam for the upcoming Winter Holidays. we're leaving Montreal on December 30th and will be back only on January 16th. we're there only for a short time though and will be sharing our time 50/50 between Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh city. i can't wait to see my family again! i'm very excited. 

in Hanoi, we'll most likely be staying at the Sofitel Metropole. this hotel is pretty convenient since it has Louis Vuitton, Cartier & Ferragamo right downstairs. and i know Longchamp is pretty near there too =). it's in the French Quarter, thats why it bears the french colonial style. if this doesnt work out, there's still our beloved Hilton Opera. about HCM....i dont know. we will probably stay at my uncle's house. but i prefer a hotel because i dont like to bother people around me. 

i'm pretty excited, but it totally sucks that my bf cannot come with me due to work. oh well, we'll be going with his family next summer i think. we'll make it up =)

front entrance
white facade, french colonial style
club floor (executive floor) room in the new Opera wing
 at night
pool/garden at night