November 30, 2008


i didnt understand the whole buzz about Twilight...the title was on the lips of almost all people around me. the reviews were astounding and everyone was raving about it. i havent read the books yet, but i decided to give the movie a try. i didnt know why girls were so crazy for this specific Edward Cullen...his face wasnt striking to me, his features were ok...i really did not expect for him to be growing on me. every minute of the movie, he became more and more alluring. now, i'm totally crazy about him. 

i'm a total Edward[Rob]/Bella[Kristen] shipper. i so wish they were really going out off screen. i know Kristen already has a bf, and i know its mean to think so, but Rob & her make a much more appropriate couple. they have amazing chemistry, both on set and in real life. check the photoshoot for Vanity Fair, i dont think they realize they were being secretly filmed.

my handsome Vampire
the hot couple (to-be)

watched the movie on friday night, i couldnt resist buying the first book today. i got the hardcover one. started reading in the car while my bf was driving...


miemiemie said...

good to find another R&K shipper! you;ll definitely enjoy the book, so much better than the movie haha

heartofpearl♥ said...

got the first three books next to me, waiting to be read! no one has ever said it was disappointing so im expecting a lot! :D

Miss Queenie said...

miemiemie: R&K shippers are all over the place hahaha =) we will rule the world and force them to marry each other! hehe i'm just at book 1...i cant stop reading!!

heartofpearl<3: i'm getting my books one at a time...i bought it on saturday, i'm now halfway through. i dont have as much time to read as i'd want to. =(