November 08, 2008

Surprise B!

just in case you guys didnt know, this season will mark Montreal Canadiens 100th Season. 100 years of Hockey sure is something to celebrate about! i dont know any 514er who is doesnt like hockey. this sport is a religion and we take it very seriously here. i dont mind people dissing my city about this and that, but heck dont you dare talk down on our hockey team. =) any montrealer would say the same. anyways, there is a lot going on this year, if we win the precious Stanley cup, it will be our 25th. wouldnt it be too nice if we were to win it??? i mean double celebration yay!

to make this season memorable, besides planning to win the cup, the organization's also building the Centennial Plaza, where X numbers of bricks with engravings are displayed for commemorative purposes. i thought it'd be great to have one with the date when me & my boyfriend started going out, because, as reported in "La Presse" and "Journal de Montreal" last season, i have started to follow and watch every game ever since. so i decided to surprise bb by purchasing a brick for me and him =). he first received his certificate and now, here's his precious brick! yupster, i know how to please my man. 

VERY off topic, but...eww to copycats! =O chunky legs AND posing like a bow legged fob. nice

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heartofpearl♥ said...

haha im confused about that off topic copycats? what happened?