November 28, 2008

Sick Brat!

it's currently 2:25pm, i'm supposed to be at the office. this morning, when i woke up, my head was probably weighing about 3000 pounds...i had a major migraine. stayed in and slept in, now i'm sick of laying in bed. 

right, another factor that somewhat adds to my non well-being? my mom officially retrieved all my plastic friends!!! bank card + Mastercard + Visa. thats the worst punishment you can do to me. she says i spend too much and that i dont know how to manage my money. i've lived pretty well since i got a job no? i never ask her for money nor do i demand anything. i dont see where i did wrong. anyways, she now has everything, so she pays the gas, the phone bills, my car, my cards and gives me allowance money. i feel so poor and useless not being with them... lets look on the brighter side of things, this will somehow be good for my future...(as she says)

yesteray before going to sleep, i had the chance to resize all the pictures that were taken on November 22nd during my bday celebration. i dont feel like posting them here, there are way too many. for those interested, just go on my facebook page, it'll be up sometime today. 

such a random post and waste of space! haha...anyways

the goodies me & Amy received for our bday. (Wii games, earrings, cardigans & Mac brushes)
i wanna say thank you to all my friends who were able to attend, i love you guys so much!!! your presence was enough, really didnt need to buy gifts. oh...and sorry to those who didnt get a chance to attend. =]

the motorcycle boots i ordered are here and i LOVE them so much. they make me look so fab and bad ass!

cool necklace holder i found!
although it doesnt hold much, its still fab!

you guys remember these slingbacks i bought some time ago right?

i was doing research for Spring 2010 Swimwear at the office. had to study magazines and guess what i found? my shoes of course! it's always pleasant to see something you picked out on your own backed up by a glossy. (InStyle, August 2008 issue) i swear i bought them without knowing they were featured. =]

oh yeah, i only got the chance to give Amy her gift on Nov.23

i think she likes it =]


Janice said...

OMG I looooveee your motorcycle boots !
Could you tell me where did you get them ?

heartofpearl♥ said...

looking pretty Queenie!
love your boots and the necklace holder. get well sooon x