November 09, 2008


saturday morning started really weirdly. almost forgot i had an appointment at the dentist, BUT fortunately, i woke up early enough to "not be late". especially after the movie night we had at Sim's the night before. even though my appointment was at 11:30 am, and i have woken up at 9am, i managed to be 5 minutes late. i dont know how that happened, but it just did. whats worse, it takes only 20 minutes to get there. when i got there, she already started with the next patient. i had to wait around 30 minutes for my turn. that should teach me a lesson for next time. hmmpphhh.

the day was supposed to be a winter boots hunting day for my boyfriend. (have you ever realized how hard it is to find a nice pair of warm & stylish winter boots for men??? it's nearly impossible!!) BB came to pick me up at my house at around 2pm, and as we were heading downtown, my cellphone rang. and guess who it was from! LV Ogilvy of course! =) DW, my Sales Assistant at the boutique called me to announce what i've been wanting to hear for a year now. she told me over the phone "it's here!" and heck, i knew exactly what she was talking about. she asked me when i could come to pick it up and without hesitation, we flew there right away. we were heading downtown anyways. 

when we got to the store, i practically ran towards the closest SA and asked for DW. she came out rushing, in her hands, holding a giganto LV dustbag, containing my precious baby. the wonderful "Neverfull" damier is finally on north american grounds ladies! and this one (GM) was reserved under my name. DW told me i was the first person on the waitlist (i reserved since November last year, so yeah, dont hate me, i totally deserve it) and the first one in Montreal to officially own it. (some might be brought back from Asia, since they get new releases wayyy before us) nobody else has it, yet. they dont even display it on the shelves because they only got 10 and the waitlist is like never ending, so no need to display something people cannot buy right? she told me some customers saw her handling my bag before my arrival and wanted it, she had to apologize to them because it was reserved for ME and cannot be sold! hehe.

the release date wasnt specific, so me & bb thought about choosing something else for my birthday, but, finally, its here and i couldnt ask for anything more as i was in love with this bag ever since it came out in regular monogram. i could actually imagine how it'd look in Damier. the total time spent at the LV store was around 15 minutes, 13 minutes of chit chatting with DW & hyper-ventilating  and the rest of the time was for the transaction. thats how we are, you want it? you get it, end of the story. if you need time to think about it, that means you dont want it enough to purchase it. 

enough with words, here are the pictures of my new Damier baby.

the bag was half my height...
believe or not, my bag is in this picture...
hehe it was folded, the reason why the dustbag was so flat
new shape after unfolding it
pop colored interior. roomy huh? it is the GM after all

i'm rocking it =)
will definitely be my new wardrobe staple

yeah, because i was really stressed and did TONS of overtime at the office, my mommy dearest and sister went out for a small shopping spree for me.

i'm modeling my favorite ones, for example, this Cashmere cardigan:
cashemere vneck
yay, last be not least, my jersey inspired tshirt 


miemiemie said...

lovely lovely!! oh how i wish i could buy the bag ASAP! but still am unemployed :(

heartofpearl♥ said...

ahah wow reserved since last nov . that is something i couldnt imagine! i didnt even know about it haha><
looks great on you!
the last pic looks gorgeous btw! look young aswell!

jeSmakeup said...

oh wow.. that LV bag is soo huge! i never knew they made LV witout the logos... nice! ur a cutie =)

thanks for the love! xoxo

Miss Queenie said...

miemiemie: you can totally save up for it if you want it badly enough! =) save save save. stop buying makeup and get this! hehe

heartofpearl: yeah, since last year. i was at the boutique to get my little sister a present and tried out the regular monogram Neverfull, since i dont really do mono, i asked my SA if the Damier was gonna be released also. she said yes, in January 2008 and asked me if i wanted to be on the waiting list, i said yes. but the release date kept getting pushed back, but now, its finally here! ^_^ awww yay, if good that you say i look young, i will turn 24 in a few days and i feel so old!!

jesmakeup: yup its a tad on the huge side, but i love giganto bags! =) yeah...they have a bunch without LV monogram, check out their site:

Jen said...

queenie: glad you alerted the ebay people! also, I feel old too. I turn 24 in a month. :[

Tiffany said...

omggg I cannot get over your bag!
it looks amazing!.. may I ask how many LV bags you own? =3
the bag must of been expensive right? =[

And your so lucky you sister and mom actually buys stuff for you =P.. it seems like you post almost everyday on that "what did you buy today" thread on soompi >.>

Tiffany said...

hi queenie !
can i ask you a question?
Why dont you and your boy move in together after having spent so much time together?