November 03, 2008

Halloween Fun

This Halloween, me & my friends did not really plan to do anything really. just wanted to get together, have dinner and go take a walk in the Old Port, all that, while being dressed up. we ate at a famous Poutine place called La Banquise. OMG, it was the best i've ever had, ever! they're open 24h, i now know where to go when i have a sudden crave. hehe after we stuffed our face with the junk, we left all excited to go to the Old Port's Grande Mascarade only to remember this year's edition was canceled due to lack of sponsors and financial problems. mehhh, decided to go take a look anyways. no one there, no ghosts, no monsters, no witches. not letting the disappointment get to us, we headed downtown. it was so much fun looking at people in their costumes. there were lots of trashy costumes. we saw tons of naughty nurses, naughty school girls, naughty devils etc. anything you can think of, just add the word "naughty" in front. i personally do not understand what the purpose of dressing up like *@#&%^ for...seriously, and they dont even feel  even a tad ashamed...? i felt my costume was already kinda sexy, but then again, i dont show anything i shouldnt. that night, we saw tons of bomboms & boobs and it was total eye candy for nasty perverts. eww. 

anyways, enough words, on with the pictures. =)
woopsies, forgot to mention what my costume was, in case you didnt know.
i was a Vampire Princess yay!

me & baby
b's hair looks weird here, you cant wear products with a mask on..haha
the more dramatic side of me
first time i tried: fake eyelashes, a new shadow blend & red lipstick
or lipstick, period.

bb & Sim (OMG he freaked me out!)
SoSo the makeup Queen, moi & cutie Stef
pretty Iz in her anime/manga/geisha costume =D
L.T's SWAT costume (awesome costume)
La Banquise...yummmm

so long friends, fans, haters...& stalkers ;)


heartofpearl♥ said...

you look gorgeous! i like it when you have your hair up in a high bun, it looks fab ;)

Miss Queenie said...

heartofpearl♥: well thank you hun! your red lips made me want to try =) i'm biased about having my hair in a bun, some people say i look older, some say younger, some say my face look wide and others, like you, tell me it looks good. so i dont know what to think lol

thanks though