November 05, 2008


i'm sitting here, home alone, finishing up my mini egg salad sandwiches and writing this entry. sounds sad? wait, there's more. how about a quick description about my current situation here? hair tied up in a loose bun (shifted to one side of my head for X reason), sporting (matching) wifebeater & yoga pants, clean face without ONE single product on, besides my daily Lancome moisturizing lotion.

i havent been, nor looked this miserable since Fashion School ended. the reason of my sufferings? 3 collections to design artworks for in the matter of 3 weeks. impossible? of course not, silly! now, if only the people whom i work with could be just a tad more decisive and consistent about what they freaking want, i might've been done with these AGES ago. pathetic i tell you! urghhh gotta bear with this for only a few more days. i'm on the last collection and the presentation is next tuesday. after that? R E L A X A T I O N time!!! i wanna take a day off to just recharge my inner energy and trade under eye bags for my usual radiant aura and bright porcelain complexion. another option would be dozing off for one whole day =) OR the last therapy, a shopping session! any of these would please me. see? i'm not as complicated as i look, "don't judge a book by it's cover"!

Mark your Calendars

my birthday is nearing, yay! i'm gonna turn so old and i dont want to. =( well ok, not that old, but still. ewww i dont wanna start using wrinkle prevention emulsions and stuff, i'm not ready, not just yet. i should smile less often, maybe that ought to help a little to prevent those "pattes d'oies". nahhh i cant, smiling, laughing & giggling are part of who i am =D

my bf asked me what i wanted for my bday, as usual, i never have an answer to that question, its up to him what he feels like giving or not. seriously, i'm ok with just a dozen of red roses. but he doesnt want to hear that. he said its my day and i should be treated like a princess, as if it wasnt how he already treats me the other 364 days. anyways, he said we'd head out to Ogilvy and pick something together. (buddha knows how he hates returning or exchanging merchandise, waste of time and gas for something we could've avoided in the first place). so, yup, i can't wait yay!

as for my bday soiree, i dont know what i'll do yet, need to talk to Amy, we share the same bday after all. this year, i'm taking matters into my own hands, just because i "fired" last year's planner =) . i dont think i'm gonna go for something hors de l'ordinaire or extravagant this year, something simpler, i just need my friends there with me, thats all i ask.

Xmas Vacation

i'm in deep need of an escape right now, but my bf told me his office is bloody busy during xmas time, so no vacay for him this winter, besides the usual 25th-26th and 1st-2nd. we're supposed to fly away to some still unknown destination, but i guess that will have to wait. maybe end of Janury or February perhaps? whatever, i just want it to be SOON before i explode...

so long readers! ;)
back to work now...

p.s. CONGRATULATIONS to fellow Americans for doing the right thing. 2008 will make it in future history books. Cheers! ^_^

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