November 30, 2008


i didnt understand the whole buzz about Twilight...the title was on the lips of almost all people around me. the reviews were astounding and everyone was raving about it. i havent read the books yet, but i decided to give the movie a try. i didnt know why girls were so crazy for this specific Edward Cullen...his face wasnt striking to me, his features were ok...i really did not expect for him to be growing on me. every minute of the movie, he became more and more alluring. now, i'm totally crazy about him. 

i'm a total Edward[Rob]/Bella[Kristen] shipper. i so wish they were really going out off screen. i know Kristen already has a bf, and i know its mean to think so, but Rob & her make a much more appropriate couple. they have amazing chemistry, both on set and in real life. check the photoshoot for Vanity Fair, i dont think they realize they were being secretly filmed.

my handsome Vampire
the hot couple (to-be)

watched the movie on friday night, i couldnt resist buying the first book today. i got the hardcover one. started reading in the car while my bf was driving...

November 28, 2008

Sick Brat!

it's currently 2:25pm, i'm supposed to be at the office. this morning, when i woke up, my head was probably weighing about 3000 pounds...i had a major migraine. stayed in and slept in, now i'm sick of laying in bed. 

right, another factor that somewhat adds to my non well-being? my mom officially retrieved all my plastic friends!!! bank card + Mastercard + Visa. thats the worst punishment you can do to me. she says i spend too much and that i dont know how to manage my money. i've lived pretty well since i got a job no? i never ask her for money nor do i demand anything. i dont see where i did wrong. anyways, she now has everything, so she pays the gas, the phone bills, my car, my cards and gives me allowance money. i feel so poor and useless not being with them... lets look on the brighter side of things, this will somehow be good for my future...(as she says)

yesteray before going to sleep, i had the chance to resize all the pictures that were taken on November 22nd during my bday celebration. i dont feel like posting them here, there are way too many. for those interested, just go on my facebook page, it'll be up sometime today. 

such a random post and waste of space! haha...anyways

the goodies me & Amy received for our bday. (Wii games, earrings, cardigans & Mac brushes)
i wanna say thank you to all my friends who were able to attend, i love you guys so much!!! your presence was enough, really didnt need to buy gifts. oh...and sorry to those who didnt get a chance to attend. =]

the motorcycle boots i ordered are here and i LOVE them so much. they make me look so fab and bad ass!

cool necklace holder i found!
although it doesnt hold much, its still fab!

you guys remember these slingbacks i bought some time ago right?

i was doing research for Spring 2010 Swimwear at the office. had to study magazines and guess what i found? my shoes of course! it's always pleasant to see something you picked out on your own backed up by a glossy. (InStyle, August 2008 issue) i swear i bought them without knowing they were featured. =]

oh yeah, i only got the chance to give Amy her gift on Nov.23

i think she likes it =]

November 25, 2008

Perfect [B]day

last friday marked my bday (& Amy's too), so my bf called me at the office to ask me what i wanted to do. i told him to plan anything he wanted, like anything. he asked me if he could take me out to McDonald's...i thought for a second...and said yeah...i dont mind, as long as it's spending sweet time with him i'd be fine. he told me he was just kidding. he said he already made some arrangements for the night. i asked him where we were going, obviously he didnt want to tell me. so i asked him if i could wear a dress...or it'd be too formal, he said: of course you can wear a dress, nobody ever looks at you weird anyways. =] so the convo over the phone stopped there.

i rushed home...a little stressed. i feel as if it was our first date and couldnt wait to pick an outfit. i felt butterflies inside my stomach, i was way too excited. -earlier during the day, at lunch time, i went to Carrefour Laval to find a perfect LBD, no do you expect to choose a dress within a 30 minute time frame??? impossible, not even for a talented shopaholic like me- so i had to find something to wear from my own closet. i have a few cocktail dresses from BCBG & Betsey Johnson...but those are way too over the top...i remembered i owned this cute leopard print voile blouse/tunique thingie. it was perfect. add to that, black tights & black high heeled boots. cant go wrong with such pieces. =] so thats that, the outfit is picked. a quick shower, blow dried my hair within 5 minutes, dressed up, started my makeup, and finished it in the car. our reservation was at 7:30 and it was already 7:15pm.

my bf started driving, i still didnt know where we were heading yet. we were on Papineau, then on the JC bridge...he told me we were going to a chinese buffet, it didnt really matter to me, since i was prepared for anything. but then, he turned to take the way to go to 6 Flags and told me he reserved at the Casino instead. it was weird because we dont usually take this way for the Casino, it's like we did a big detour while we could easily save time by going with the usual way. only to understand he wanted to take me to Helene de Champlain [famous french restaurant]. i was really happy...not because of the awesome location he picked, but the fact that he prepared something. =]

had our coat checked. walked in La Rotonde dining room and everyone was looking at us as if we were outcasts. people there were mainly businessmen and their wives, we were the only young and non caucasian couple there. i guess people were intrigued (?!?) by our presence. the host pulled the chair for me and as i sat down, pianoman started playing. how calming...i loved it. we were looking in each other's eyes, falling in love all over again. all the sweet feelings we had, all the butterflies of our first encounter came back to us once again. bonus: the food was just delicious. when it was time for desert, our waitress walked out with a small cutie cake with a candle on it and the pianoman started playing "ma chere amie, c'est a ton tour de te laisser parler d'amour...". at the end of the song, everyone started clapping their hands and cheered for me, i was blushing for sure. made my wishes blew the candle and kissed my man. =] the night could not be more perfect. when we walked out of the restaurant, it was snowing! it's a tradition to have snow on my bday, it's always been that way, as long as i can remember. AND it made me feel like Joo YooRin weeheeeeee. because, well, i'm cool...

friday morning, JoJo surprised me with a gift so exclusive not even the most serious collectors can ever get their hands on. yes people, envy me! i am that awesome =] it was custom made to perfection and filled with sweetness just for me. what it is? a Louis Vuitton extremely limited & coveted customized Cupcake Carrier. the inside? filled with pink Chanel Cupcakes. like hellooo? not just regular cupcakes, Cupcakes with a Capital C, a la Coco style. feels darn good to be loved. =] this is what i call status. thank you my dear for this wonderful gift. at the same time, it makes me wonder what i should get you for your next bday... this one is a tough one to beat. =[ anyhow, i love you! hehehe

here's the making of (courtesy of JoJo T's facebook):

November 09, 2008


saturday morning started really weirdly. almost forgot i had an appointment at the dentist, BUT fortunately, i woke up early enough to "not be late". especially after the movie night we had at Sim's the night before. even though my appointment was at 11:30 am, and i have woken up at 9am, i managed to be 5 minutes late. i dont know how that happened, but it just did. whats worse, it takes only 20 minutes to get there. when i got there, she already started with the next patient. i had to wait around 30 minutes for my turn. that should teach me a lesson for next time. hmmpphhh.

the day was supposed to be a winter boots hunting day for my boyfriend. (have you ever realized how hard it is to find a nice pair of warm & stylish winter boots for men??? it's nearly impossible!!) BB came to pick me up at my house at around 2pm, and as we were heading downtown, my cellphone rang. and guess who it was from! LV Ogilvy of course! =) DW, my Sales Assistant at the boutique called me to announce what i've been wanting to hear for a year now. she told me over the phone "it's here!" and heck, i knew exactly what she was talking about. she asked me when i could come to pick it up and without hesitation, we flew there right away. we were heading downtown anyways. 

when we got to the store, i practically ran towards the closest SA and asked for DW. she came out rushing, in her hands, holding a giganto LV dustbag, containing my precious baby. the wonderful "Neverfull" damier is finally on north american grounds ladies! and this one (GM) was reserved under my name. DW told me i was the first person on the waitlist (i reserved since November last year, so yeah, dont hate me, i totally deserve it) and the first one in Montreal to officially own it. (some might be brought back from Asia, since they get new releases wayyy before us) nobody else has it, yet. they dont even display it on the shelves because they only got 10 and the waitlist is like never ending, so no need to display something people cannot buy right? she told me some customers saw her handling my bag before my arrival and wanted it, she had to apologize to them because it was reserved for ME and cannot be sold! hehe.

the release date wasnt specific, so me & bb thought about choosing something else for my birthday, but, finally, its here and i couldnt ask for anything more as i was in love with this bag ever since it came out in regular monogram. i could actually imagine how it'd look in Damier. the total time spent at the LV store was around 15 minutes, 13 minutes of chit chatting with DW & hyper-ventilating  and the rest of the time was for the transaction. thats how we are, you want it? you get it, end of the story. if you need time to think about it, that means you dont want it enough to purchase it. 

enough with words, here are the pictures of my new Damier baby.

the bag was half my height...
believe or not, my bag is in this picture...
hehe it was folded, the reason why the dustbag was so flat
new shape after unfolding it
pop colored interior. roomy huh? it is the GM after all

i'm rocking it =)
will definitely be my new wardrobe staple

yeah, because i was really stressed and did TONS of overtime at the office, my mommy dearest and sister went out for a small shopping spree for me.

i'm modeling my favorite ones, for example, this Cashmere cardigan:
cashemere vneck
yay, last be not least, my jersey inspired tshirt