September 19, 2008

Luck-less Friday

it's been so long since i posted something. i'm just too lazy to keep up with all the online social network sites. gosh, i am subscribed on facebook, us cyworld, yahoo 360 and previously, asianavenue and hi5. i'm gonna try to post regularly on this one as i find it a bit easier to manage than other sites.

1st things first, why i chose such a depressing title? because this morning, on my way to the office, i got pulled over for going over speed limit! arghhh, how frustrating is that? i was trying to avoid being late for work, yet finally ended coming in even later. the policeman was a pain too. i was complaining on how i was already late and went on about such bad luck i have, he turned to me and said: "well look on the brighter side, you only lost 1 point on your license. it's not THAT bad." and smiled as if nothing mattered in this world. so many thoughts ran through my head, some i wanted to shout out loud be restrained myself from doing so because i didnt want my ticket to turn ugly.

i hope this event wont affect the rest of my day! it's Friday, its nice outside, i dont want it to be ruined just because of a stupid ticket.

besides that, everything else is all good. =) lots of plans for the weekend, cant wait to get started. i know for a fact there are more positives points than negative ones right now, so i'll just ignore it. -__-"

i'll be shopping later on with my friend.we're heading to the mega La Senza warehouse sale, yay! i cant wait. i heard the prices are dirt cheap and the stuff is good too. i'm weird, this store has an effect on me, i can never leave without purchasing something. i feel obligated to spend each and every time i step in there. such a bad habit, i know, and i hate it. =S

enough rambling for today, i'll update later when there's something interesting.

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