September 22, 2008

the Love of my life

i'll dedicate this entire post to my boyfriend, Long Lam.
he is:
the one who's always there when i need him to be.
the one who makes me smile, giggle and laugh during the toughest of times.
the one who makes me cry over silly reasons.
the most handsome man in my eyes.
the most patient guy i've ever met.
the list can go on and on, but i dont wanna bore readers, so i'll stop here.
the way we met might be odd to some, but that day ended up being the best day of my life.

after 6 YEARS 4 MONTHS 10 DAYS together, we know each other like the back of our hands.
yup, we still celebrate every month, but the emphasis is always on the 1 year and 1/2 a year. when the calendar hits the 12 of each month, it is just a habit to scream "HAPPY ANNI" to one another =) yup, we are still that much in L O V E. i'm sure a lot of people around us are envious of us, but let me tell you one thing, once you've found your "One", only then would you know this feeling i'm talking about. 

i love you baby! always have, always do and always will <3

September 21, 2008

Victoria Beckham

oh man, where to start with her...

i admire this woman so much i cant even describe it. she appears to be a fashionista, a loving wife and a wonderful mom. all 3 combined! WTH? i always wonder how she manages to always stay on her tip toes all the time. perfect shape (minus the boobies), perfect appearance, everything, everything! and on top of that, her hubbie's hot!

i got her book, Victoria Beckham that extra half an inch. its such a great book. many guidelines, ideas and advices about fashion. awesome book. i find myself dragging it with me everywhere i go. i usually sleep when my boyfriend drives, but since i bought this book, i find myself reading every time im in the car. =) i suggest you get it..

September 19, 2008

Luck-less Friday

it's been so long since i posted something. i'm just too lazy to keep up with all the online social network sites. gosh, i am subscribed on facebook, us cyworld, yahoo 360 and previously, asianavenue and hi5. i'm gonna try to post regularly on this one as i find it a bit easier to manage than other sites.

1st things first, why i chose such a depressing title? because this morning, on my way to the office, i got pulled over for going over speed limit! arghhh, how frustrating is that? i was trying to avoid being late for work, yet finally ended coming in even later. the policeman was a pain too. i was complaining on how i was already late and went on about such bad luck i have, he turned to me and said: "well look on the brighter side, you only lost 1 point on your license. it's not THAT bad." and smiled as if nothing mattered in this world. so many thoughts ran through my head, some i wanted to shout out loud be restrained myself from doing so because i didnt want my ticket to turn ugly.

i hope this event wont affect the rest of my day! it's Friday, its nice outside, i dont want it to be ruined just because of a stupid ticket.

besides that, everything else is all good. =) lots of plans for the weekend, cant wait to get started. i know for a fact there are more positives points than negative ones right now, so i'll just ignore it. -__-"

i'll be shopping later on with my friend.we're heading to the mega La Senza warehouse sale, yay! i cant wait. i heard the prices are dirt cheap and the stuff is good too. i'm weird, this store has an effect on me, i can never leave without purchasing something. i feel obligated to spend each and every time i step in there. such a bad habit, i know, and i hate it. =S

enough rambling for today, i'll update later when there's something interesting.