July 08, 2008


funny how everything really pisses me off these times around
seems like i cant control my emotions properly and spill them all over the place
i find myself venting my anger on random people
maybe because they're an easy prey.

on the other hand, there are plenty of good news too.
there's a great great news concerning my family, so to celebrate
daddy decided he'd bring us to Dominican Republic for vacation =)
we're leaving sunday july 27 and will be back sunday august 3rd
i cant wait!!! we'll be staying at Catalonia Royal Bavaro in Punta Cana
the beach is called Playa Bavaro. its a 5 stars all inclusive adults only private resort
we're having the Royal suite, me & Amy (my lil sis) in one suite
and my parents will have their own suite.
i heard great great reviews about this resort and just cannot wait to be there.
i've traveled to many places, but its gonna be my first time down south

to get ready for the fab trip, i started looking for bikinis.
i only have 2 juicy couture sets. yet i want something new
this is about the worst timing for bathing suit shopping
since everything in store is on sale so they only have big sizes left
and we're not specifically a beach city, so the selection of styles is kinda laughable

will update when i find the perfect ones.

July 04, 2008

First Post

i decided to start a blog...
with no particular reason in mind really
i just wanted to share my thoughts about this and that
things that interest me, things that i like and dislike
you know? the usual stuff
some ranting and venting will probably pop up here and there
but dont worry, my entries will be always pleasant to read...i think =)

love, Queenie